Monday, July 27, 2009

Cabo we were....

Well, I must admit, we've been back from San Jose del Cabo for 2 weeks already, but it was such a "lack of" adventure I couldn't bring myself to share the story until now!!

We arrived in Mexico on the 4th of July and surprisingly after an American cookout they did have a firework display for us! It wasn't one I'll remember other than it was in Mexico!
On our 2nd full day there, we decided on a snorkeling trip on the Sea of Cortez. This is the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez - the famous arch at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. And these are a few of the fishes we got to swim with! Compared to the Great Barrier Reef, they were like gold fish! I guess I'm just spoiled!

Most of our vacation was spent alongside the pool and well, at the bar! (Dan fell in love with a new drink called the Sea of Cortez!) When it's 102, not much helps, but at least it was all inclusive! We drank a lot and sweated most of it off... only gaining a pound in a week! I'd say that was a feat in itself! Besides drinking, the "kids" spent a lot of time playing pool volleyball! That was a favorite!

Later during the week we went horseback riding! We expected to ride along the beach, but were rudely surprised when we were told that it was not allowed in Cabo San Lucas and that we would have to ride in the desert... better known as their drainage ditch! I am not kidding, there was garbage, a sewage plant and lots of desert! It was a definite cultural experience and unfortunately an experience that will always remind me of what I picture Mexico to be! I'm sure that's not fair, but it's what I saw.

As you can see, Melanie was not amused! In fact her account on Facebook when she got home, was that she had just returned from "HE--"! I wouldn't call it that, however it was HOT! I will NEVER live anyplace like that!!

Well, it definitely wasn't my favorite trip and probably not my worst trip either! It was great to get away and relax and confirm that poolside vacations are not for me! I'd recommend the resort if you're not anxious to swim in the ocean (not allowed in San Jose del Cabo due to the undertow) and want to be in an all inclusive family resort. I wouldn't recommend it in summer, unless you're a gluten for HEAT!

It was good to be back in Colorado where the air was cool and crisp at night! More updates soon... I promise!