Saturday, December 26, 2009

Telling a story

That's what the Christmas ornaments on my tree do. This is the very first one I ever received on my very first Christmas back in 1966. I haven't always found her to be a favorite, but the more I realize that she is almost "antique", the more I realize her value in my life!!!

My mother was a wonderful artist and had enormous amounts of creativity insider her. She designed and then hand-painted hundreds and hundreds of these "Door" ornaments among her many handmade projects. Then she would personalize them for for each person who bought them from her. I am fortunate to have 2 of them, one from before I was married and one from after! It is one of my favorites among all the ornaments she made year after year.

My sister inherited some of out mother's talent and she made and gave away her creations for years as well. Among my favorites from her are the crocheted snowflakes. She made me dozens in different shapes and I just love to add them all over the tree.
During the 90's, I too used my creativity to create and sell ornaments. This angel was one of my best sellers and I made hundreds of them. I have several hanging on my tree. There was also a larger version that was made as a tree topper. My daughter does not like that much, so we don't use it very often.

My tree is full of handmade ornaments made by family and friends and lots of very talented people. In recent years we only add a few ornaments each year. They either are snowmen (my favorite symbol of the season) or from trips we have taken. This Santa is from Australia and reminds me of my favorite vacation so far!

Melanie believes that there is no more room on our tree, but I beg to differ... there is always room for one more memory and one more story to tell!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The ENTIRE Family

Yikes, I disappeared once again!!! Since those last photos of snow, we've had yet another storm! This one only producing 6"! It's going to be a long winter!

Just got back from a quick trip to Chicago to celebrate Dad's 75th birthday! He threw an awesome party for himself! Got to see a lot of friends and relatives that I haven't seen in a really long time! That was really great to catch up with everyone! And it was awesome because the ENTIRE family was in one place at the same time! Here is our photo above!!! It's sad to say, but I'm officially the shortest member of the family - how depressing is that? Katie (behind me) is the tallest at 6'1"! She WAS on her tippy toes, really!!

This weekend we plan to put up our Christmas tree... really! If we don't, it won't get done until December and in my book that's a crime! I LOVE Christmas and I would consider having my tree up 6 months out of the year if I wasn't voted down by the other family members! I think I get the love of the holiday from my Mom!

We are headed to the mountains for the holiday... our normal tradition! This year we ate our turkey earlier this month, so we're having pizza! Is that so wrong? It's what Melanie wants!! I'm fine with it - pizza and pumpkin pie! Yum!! Looking forward to 5 days of skiing... or at least that's the plan! You never know how good the snow will be this early in the season!

What are your plans for the holidays?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Isn't it Pretty?

It's still coming down!! This was taken at about 11 a.m. The winds have picked up and it's blowing like crazy! It's moving to the east, so the foothills are getting a reprieve, which is good, but we're still getting pounded to the south. It could continue for the next 12 hours... I hope it's done soon!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mother Nature is dealing us some VERY EARLY winter weather today! This will be the 4th measurable snowstorm in October this year! I'm beginning to think I live in Alaska instead of Colorado!

This picture was taken at 11 a.m. and it's still coming down at a good clip. It's nice, heavy, wet snow! They tell us to brace for up to 2 feet in Castle Rock! I'm just hoping that Dan can get back from Canada tomorrow... airport is cancelling flights left and right now! I did the smart thing - I'm working from home today!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Here I am

I've definitely been hiding lately, I know, I know! The weather here has been such that hiding under a blanket is the way to be!!! We've had 3 snowstorms already this month! Not typical for the Denver I know! And the next is due to hit tomorrow night - our biggest yet they say! It's going to be a long season... tuning up my skis!!!

Dad's 75th birthday is in mid-November and we're heading to Chi-town to help him celebrate! He requested "no gifts", but since when do his children actually listen? So as a surprise, I asked each child, spouse and grandchild to send me their fondest memory, reason why they love Grandpa or whatever they wanted to say to him along with a picture so that I could create him a birthday gift he can't refuse! And knowing Dad, he will love it forever! Here are a few pages that I've put together so far! The first one is from my brother! (Ed, it may have not been the best picture, but I thought it was the most fitting for the page!) The second one is from my niece Sarah! I choose a pad of paper called Latte from DCWV - the color palette is blue, green, purple and cream. And the patterns are more graphic than flowery - perfect for a male! The first half will be all of our pages and the last half of the book will be blank pages for him to add photos from his party! Speaking of which - all my relatives will be there and it will be great to see them all! Better at this celebration than at a funeral, that's for darn sure!!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm so glad it's finally the weekend... it was a rough week. And next week's looking to be worse. I'll need a good rest since my co-worker is gone next week and I have 100 million things to do, with deadlines by next Friday! I think it's beer-30 somewhere now, isn't it? Time to relax!!!

Here is a card I made this week using a stamp and papers I got in a swap a long, long time ago. I was digging around and found all of these kits that I've gotten over the past year and realized it's time to use them! I think it might need some words on it, but otherwise I liked the overall look!

I'm hoping to spend tomorrow (World Cardmaking Day) using the last kit I received from Taylor Expressions to make a bunch of cards. Or maybe I should work on my birthday present for my father... either way, I'm hoping to have some papercrafting fun!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cupcake Cards

This weekend I was surfing around for some new card ideas and came across this design on SCS. I already had the cupcakes stamped and even colored to match this DCWV paper called "SWEET", so it naturally and quickly came together to make a really cute card!

We have Indian Summer for a few more days but by Thursday it will turn into Fall once again... I suppose that's not a bad thing! Melanie is chopping at the bit for real SNOW since she got a new snowboard this past weekend! (Our teaser last week was just that - a big tease!) About 40 days until the ski resorts open... let's just hope it's a really good year! I'm looking forward to some great days myself! And with Dan's one repaired knee, hopefully we'll all have a good season!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of Fall???

Well, on our last day of summer (yesterday), the foothills (where my good friend Toni lives) received their first snowstorm of the season!!! She said it was about a foot - yikes!!! And another round is headed here tomorrow! In fact, they say above 6000 feet (we live at 6300 feet) and in my county, we are expecting up to another foot! Oh, and of course - right at run hour tomorrow morning!!! Hurray! I'm looking for any excuse to work from home tomorrow!!! So in honor of our Fall Snowstorm, here is a winter card to get you all in the mood!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manly Cards

A few days ago I attempted to clean up my workspace in an effort to get inspired to create again. As I was putting away all the supplies from my London album, I ran across these sticker that I bought for that album, but never used. They gave me a great idea that could work well for "manly" cards. Well, away I went. By the time I finished tonight, I made a total of 10 cards for various occasions. I will most likely give some of the duplicates away to Cards for Hero's (now, Operation Write Home). Now that I'm done, I have a great big mess again to clean up! I wonder how much I can get put away this time before I wind up creating again??!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fire Tower Hike

We started today with a nice hike up to the Devil's Head Fire Tower located just west of Castle Rock in the Rampart Range. We've done this hike a dozen or so times before, but it's always a great place to take new people (like our friend Melanie) and get a little bit of exercise in the nice crisp September air! This is the last manned fire tower in Colorado and from where they spotted the "infamous" Haymen fire back in 2002. It was the closest we've ever been to a fire (about 10 miles) and I tell you, the closest I ever want to be. As we looked to the south, Colorado Springs was in the clouds with Pikes Peak looming over it. The mountains to the northwest had a white layer called "snow" on it! The cold rain we endured all day yesterday apparently left snow up at that elevation! I'm not ready for that down here quite yet!!! It won't be long until the trees start turning and fall is officially here though!!
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finding the urge to blog...

I'm still struggling to find the urge to blog right now. I'm really hoping that will change here in September. Here is a birthday card I made for my Dad's lady friend Marcy's birthday last month. The inspiration came from a recent issue of Card Creations using a journaling block. The journaling block came from a set that Toni gave me a while back. It was a neat way to use these!!

So speaking of Dad, I got an update tonight that really made me smile! Not quite 2 weeks after his surgery and he is already walking down the stairs to get his own newspaper in the morning, trekking down the block for exercise, and following all of the doctors orders! He amazes me so very much at his strength and endurance! He truly believes that this recovery is a picnic in the park compared to his double-knee replacement! I was very glad I went to Chicago and spent time with him and I can't wait to see him in November for his 75th birthday!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My rock star is 14 today!!!

10 years later and Melanie got a bass guitar for her birthday... maybe I really do have a rock star in the making!!! Melanie turns 14 today - I'm in shock and disbelief that I am that old! Not to mention her!! I made her the favorite shake 'n bake chicken dinner and we're going for Cold Stone in a little bit! School was good, so I'm guessing she had a great day!

The concert on Saturday was awesome! I still have a hoarse voice from all the screaming! You would have thought I was a teenager!! They put on an amazing show and we had great seats! I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares from all the loud fireworks!! They made me jump every time! I will go back to see them next time they're in Denver! Love it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Day!

You can say that I don't get out much! I'm so excited to be going to the Green Day concert tonight! I've always loved them and said if they were ever in town, I was going.... well my chance has come! Pepsi Center - 7 p.m. TONIGHT!!! I can't wait to act like an American Idiot and rock out!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Card, Chicago and HS???

Doesn't this Diva rock??!! This was a card and gift tin I made for my sister's 50th birthday (back in June)! The saying goes... "Just think with every birthday your even closer to being more like your parents"! The little horse is special... he was found in my mother's collection of stuff after she died. My sis, sil and I have been passing it back and forth for almost 18 years now. We hide it in each others homes, or in my case since they live far away, I just mail it back sometimes! It's like mom is always still with us! So for my sis' 50th, I made the special travel tin and sent it back! I think she got a kick out of it... who knows, we never talk about it - it's all secret!!

I'm headed to Chicago in 2 weeks to be with my father as he undergoes open heart surgery to repair his valve. (Maybe this will end back up in my suitcase?) The prognosis is very good - he has an excellent doctor. But I wasn't going to sit 1000 miles away and wait by the phone this time, I'm gong to be right there!

Tonight was back to school night. Melanie has been back since Monday and so far so good! It is definitely a bigger responsibility for her in HS! Oh, if only I had these opportunities when I was her age! What I missed!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

June Challange a bit late

After I returned from Mexico in mid-July I finally had time to "play" in the June CJ Survivors Challenge of the Month. The challenge was to use 3 pieces of pattern paper to make as many projects as you can. I created a total of 10 cards and most of these cards were included in a recent package of 26 cards I sent to Cards for Hero's. It took me awhile to get the pictures posted, but hey, at least they got sent out to the troops first!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cabo we were....

Well, I must admit, we've been back from San Jose del Cabo for 2 weeks already, but it was such a "lack of" adventure I couldn't bring myself to share the story until now!!

We arrived in Mexico on the 4th of July and surprisingly after an American cookout they did have a firework display for us! It wasn't one I'll remember other than it was in Mexico!
On our 2nd full day there, we decided on a snorkeling trip on the Sea of Cortez. This is the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez - the famous arch at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. And these are a few of the fishes we got to swim with! Compared to the Great Barrier Reef, they were like gold fish! I guess I'm just spoiled!

Most of our vacation was spent alongside the pool and well, at the bar! (Dan fell in love with a new drink called the Sea of Cortez!) When it's 102, not much helps, but at least it was all inclusive! We drank a lot and sweated most of it off... only gaining a pound in a week! I'd say that was a feat in itself! Besides drinking, the "kids" spent a lot of time playing pool volleyball! That was a favorite!

Later during the week we went horseback riding! We expected to ride along the beach, but were rudely surprised when we were told that it was not allowed in Cabo San Lucas and that we would have to ride in the desert... better known as their drainage ditch! I am not kidding, there was garbage, a sewage plant and lots of desert! It was a definite cultural experience and unfortunately an experience that will always remind me of what I picture Mexico to be! I'm sure that's not fair, but it's what I saw.

As you can see, Melanie was not amused! In fact her account on Facebook when she got home, was that she had just returned from "HE--"! I wouldn't call it that, however it was HOT! I will NEVER live anyplace like that!!

Well, it definitely wasn't my favorite trip and probably not my worst trip either! It was great to get away and relax and confirm that poolside vacations are not for me! I'd recommend the resort if you're not anxious to swim in the ocean (not allowed in San Jose del Cabo due to the undertow) and want to be in an all inclusive family resort. I wouldn't recommend it in summer, unless you're a gluten for HEAT!

It was good to be back in Colorado where the air was cool and crisp at night! More updates soon... I promise!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did anyone miss me?

I've been hiding under a rock for the past 3 weeks - did you notice I was gone? We'll I'm back!!! And with good news! I PASSED!! Today was D-Day - the dreaded Human Resources certification! Now I say that with a smile :), because I choose to take it and paid for it myself! I worked hard over the last 3 months studying and studying and never feeling like I was remembering anything! But the paper I received at the end today says that I passed (not quite official yet, but close enough for government work!) So after 4 long hours, 225 questions and a bit of confusion with my requested accommodations, I can finally sit back and decide - what do I do tonight??

I haven't done any scrapbooking or card making for almost a month. I think I've forgotten what to do! I don't think I have any creative juices in me today, I'm a bit drained, but tomorrow??!!

This 4th of July we will be spending in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico! They celebrate the 4th of July there, don't they?! (Hey, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo!) I don't care, to be able to relax is all I'm looking forward to! Well, that and a few dips in the ocean and a snorkel trip or two (or three)! We are staying at an all inclusive Intercontinental which looks wonderful - I hope it lives up to it's pictures! What I'm not exactly looking forward to is their 98 degree temperatures! Bring on the sunscreen! Now if we can only find the fireworks!!

When I get back, it's back to more posts and definately more crafting! I definitely can't wait to be able to do what I WANT at night and not work or studying!!!

Happy 4th everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Teens

Last Wednesday was Betsy's 15th birthday! Oh where or where does the time go? Melanie will be 14 in just 2 months! These cousins are special friends and they are so thrilled to be living so close together! This picture was taken on Sunday when we went to celebrate Betsy's birthday! I hope they will always be good friends!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ready for Drywall

An update on the basement... we're ready for drywall! We passed our first inspection (after a few minor fixes) - the framing, electrical and plumbing stages! The inspector was very impressed with how well he did so far and gave us the green light to insulate! After 2 truckloads of insulation and about 12 hours, Dan got every wall cavity filled! Since the outer walls were already filled on the first inspection, we did not have to wait for that to be inspected! So, now it's drywall time! Unfortunately with my father visiting this week, construction is delayed until after our "mini-vacation" up into the mountains! But I can tell, once he gets started, it will go fast!

Hubby finally relented and went to the doctor today about his painful knee. He is scheduled to have an MRI on Thursday. They said he has arthritis and they think a torn meniscus and if that's the case, he plans to have it repaired in July. Thankfully that's a quicker recovery than it could have been, so he may not miss a day of ski season if he's lucky!! I know how he feels!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Fishy

Last weekend we added 4 more fish to our tank... 2 angel fish and 2 blood fin tetras. Melanie picked out her angel fish - the black one (pictured) is named "FISH" by her cousin Betsy! (sorry for the blurry picture - I need to work on these shots) The white one is named Grace - a bit more normal! We're just waiting to see what sex they really are! The other new fish, Dan picked out and appropriately named them "Twitchy" and "Shaky" after their erratic behavior! Unfortunately I have a hard time remembering their names and have nicknamed them many other things!!! (Like Itchy and Scratchy!) All seem to get along great with Bruno (not pregnant), Harold and Ginger. We're not sure if Bruno gave birth, but we can't seem to find any babies and the black dot is gone... so who knows. We all still enjoy the fish!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CJ May Challenge

This month's challenge was to use 10 items from your stash on your project. I'm glad it wasn't 10 "unique" items! I started with a couple of pictures of Melanie from October, 2000 - wow,that's a long time ago! I used Bazzil cardstock and patterned papers from KI Memories - Bloom. I added lots of flowers and brads from my stash! The letters are white Thickers - I love the dimensional look. I'm adding this page to a "Melanie" album, where I just do odd lay-outs of my beautiful baby!! Both of us really love it!

We had a relaxing, but rather rainy Memorial Day Weekend camping by Jefferson Lake! It sprinkled on and off the entire time we were there. It was just nice to be away, breathing in the wonderful mountain air! I can't wait to get out there again!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Father's Day Card

Here is one of the Father's Day cards that I made for Cards for Hero's. I love this Riley (well, I love them all) and thought it was quite appropriate for a male card! Inside it does say "Happy Father's Day"!

Speaking of camping... we have decided last minute to go away for Memorial Weekend after all. Originally we didn't plan anything because of the basement remodel, but we are now at a stand still and have no reason to stay home! The framing is done. We have to get an electrician in, but probably won't get one hired and working until after the holiday, so there is nothing stopping us!!! Yippee, back to the mountains I go!! We selected a campground we've never been too, in South Park (yeah, like the cartoon) and we hope that it will be nice! The guys (including Tom, our basement savior) will have an opportunity to go fishing! And I can study in the fresh mountain air!!

The fish are doing great... maybe too great! Bruno is PREGNANT!!! No, Melanie doesn't plan to change the name! What this means is no more fish until the birth. So the three little fish will have reign of that great big tank for several more weeks! This should be interesting!

Off to enjoy our summer weather!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


In just over 2 weeks, Melanie will be finishing up 2 (very short) years of middle school! The time has just flown by and our little girl is about to start HS! (OMG - I am scared to death of this next chapter!) Back in Chicago, an 8th grade graduation was a big deal... in Castle Rock - they have a carnival - that's it! No caps, no gowns, no Kleenex flowers (anyone remember making those)? What is wrong with this place? Well, since there will be no party, we weren't about to let this big event (to us) go unmarked - so we planned on getting her a gift! The only thing she's been asking for is FISH! And she wasn't even thinking of getting them for graduation! She had planned for them on her birthday!

Well we were out and about on Saturday and we thought what better time than to surprise her with a trip to PetSmart! Since Dan won't be around on her last day of school (business trip to - Chicago), we could just get her that present early! You've never seen a 13 year old so thrilled when she looked up and she instantly knew what we were doing there! She was jumping up and down - very anxious to get her new fishes!

We decided on a 26 gallon tank that would hold quiet a few fish! Unfortunately it did not fit into Melanie's bedroom as she hoped, so we made it's home in our TV Loft. This way we all can enjoy the fishes! The "kids" set up the tank on Saturday afternoon and impatiently waited for it to get to the right temperature so they could add fish.

On Sunday after Melanie treated me to a movie for Mother's Day, we went back to PetSmart and picked out 3 inexpensive little fish! The yellow one is Harold - he's her favorite! The white one is Bruno - he's kind of a loner. And the red one we named Ginger! 24 hours later, they're still alive! Yippee!! We went back to the store tonight but were told we should have patience and wait another week before we add any more fish to the water. You've never seen such long faces on my children before! Dan was so anxious to buy his "Jaws" and "Cuddles"! Eventually in a few weeks Melanie wants to add an Angel Fish - that is her favorite! I can't wait until her "school" is full and we can all sit and enjoy them, wishing we were small enough to snorkel inside the tank! (Can you spot Ginger?)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching Up

Here is the card I made for my dear friend Snot (aka Marlene) for May. I used a sketch I found on 2Peas and adapted it to a clear card. I've always wanted to try a clear card, had the materials, but never the drive. Well this was it! And I love it! In fact I ended up making several cards using this design (not all clear) and gave most of them away to Cards For Hero's. I'll show you some more cards that I sent to them over the next few days.

Last week was busy again. On Thursday, Melanie had another track meet. This time instead of being cold, she got sunburned! She did great in the 4x2 and tried really hard in the 400. She missed the 200 because she couldn't get to the start in time because she had just finished the 400. They need to plan that better! I got to see her run the 400 and was very proud of her!

Over the weekend I spent numerous hours studying away! I'm really moving now - probably because the module is all about benefits! It's what I do all day long! Hopefully I'll be finished with this module by Sunday... that's my goal! It's the biggest one though and I've got a long way to go! Just 8 weeks until the test - yippee!

Today Melanie had another track meet, this time at a school in Parker. She said she did fair, like the last few weeks. Again, I'm just proud that she's doing this - no matter where she places! She'd beet me in a heartbeat!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just as predicted....

GONE! All that snow melted away by 1 p.m.! And the track meet went on... for three very long, very cold hours! Those poor kids were so cold! And of course 2 out of the 4 events Melanie participated in were at the end of the meet! She did great - not first, but then who cares? It was her first ever track event and I'm very, very proud of her! I'm just happy to be warm right now!!! :)


This is what I woke up to this morning! See, I told you, snow can come at any time here in God's Country! It was cloudy and rained on and off all weekend! That was awesome because we so scarcely see any significant amount of rainfall! It got cold enough overnight to turn it into snow. And the wet stuff is still coming down! It shouldn't last much longer - they say the sun will be out by lunch and I'll bet this will melt off by dinner!

The unfortunate part, is today is Melanie's first track meet. I arranged to work from home (lucky me!) so that I could go, but at this point, I'm not sure they'll be able to compete. It's too bad because it's against the other middle school in Castle Rock (which just opened this year) and it's bound to be great! She has lots of friends from the other school competing as well. Hopefully it will be rescheduled and I can go!

And wouldn't you know, the weather is suppose to be in the 60's the remainder of the week!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I told you, by Tuesday the snow would be gone! And except for the places we had to pile the snow from the driveway - it's gone already!!! And the grass is looking greener already! Bring on the leaves and flowers!!!

Today we were in the mid-70's and plan to stay there for a few more days! Hopefully it's not just a tease before another snow storm!!! Last year, the last measurable snowstorm came in mid-May, so we are not out of the woods yet!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Circles, Circles and more Circles!

The CJ challenge of the month for April is to use at least one circle in your project! I created this card using lots of circles! The base card is from DCWV Box of Cards. I love to use these when making cards! The smaller piece of circle pattern paper and cardstock were all scraps (I can't part with scraps). I stamped the sentiment and used my circle spellbinders nestabilities to cut it out. The flowers are Prima Got Flowers. I used a pattern from the current issue of "Paper Crafts" to create this card. I plan to include this card in a package of cards I'm donating to "Cards for Hero's".

The snow finally stopped around 5 p.m. Much of it has already melted and the roads are full of "slush"! I'll bet most of this will be gone by Tuesday! I'm not going to be jealous of all of you who had warm weather today because we need the moisture so bad, it's worth a day or two of snow!!! Colorado is BEAUTIFUL!!!

It just keeps coming down!

Here is a shot taken at 10 a.m. this morning! I'm reading that Castle Rock has gotten anywhere from 12-18 inches of snow so far - depending on where you measure! It's wet and heavy and appears to now be melting as soon as it falls. They say this will continue for most of the day... lovely! I'm glad we have no urgent plans for the day! Maybe just a snowshoe walk in the park later!!! (Debbie - no the ski resorts won't stay open any later. After tomorrow only 2 will remain open. They just don't have the staff or the people who want to ski! It's going to be 70 by Tuesday - would you go ski or golf???)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Storm

What a difference a week makes! Last Friday it was 60 and beautiful out! The Rockies won their home opener and I cruised up to the mountains to enjoy our final weekend of skiing this season! And now look at it.....
It's been snowing on an off since last night. We awoke to very little snow and unfortunately for Melanie school didn't call a snow day. I decided to work from home though, which turned into a very smart move on my part. Around noon I heard that they were having early dismissal at school and before 1, Melanie was home with me!

This picture was taken at 2:40. I'll take another one in a few hours to show how hard it's coming down.

It has been a busy week for us. We had fun skiing on Saturday at Keystone, although by mid-afternoon it got too slushy and we called it a season. Unfortunately on that last run down, both Melanie and Dan fell... neither was majorly hurt, but they both were sore. I thankfully finished unskeathed for the day! That night we went to see a play at the Backstage Theater in Breckenridge called, "Office Space - the Musical"! It was awesome! I highly recommend these local playhouses for good, cheap entertainment!

On Wednesday night we took Melanie to a concert in Denver. We saw, Fall Out Boy, Hey Monday, Cobra Starship, Metro Station and All Time Low. I enjoyed 3 out of the 5 bands! She of course loved them all! It was a standing concert, so needless to say after 5 hours on my feet, I truly showed my age! My legs still hurt!!!

This weekend I'll be studying hard! It's a good thing to do with all the snow! But then again, they're pushing us back into the 70's by late next week! I LOVE the weather here!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Friday is my birthday - the big 43! I'm proud and happy to say I'm 43 because 9 years ago I wasn't even sure I would make it to 34 after my heart attack! But here I am!

Tommorrow is the Rockies home opener, but I chose to skip the game because we are heading up to the mountains after work for the weekend! We have 2 last days of Spring skiing left in us and I'm really looking forward to it. On Saturday night we're going to the theater to see "Office Space - the Musical"! That should be a lot of fun! I'm just excited about being away for a few days! Our weekend will end on Easter Sunday with a stop at the in-laws for dinner.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Weekend!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where did the big snow go??

We went to bed last night with the assumption that we were going to wake up to a blizzard this morning! They were calling for up to a foot of snow. This was the 3rd storm this week and we were happy it didn't happen during rush hour on a work day! Well I'd call all we've received so far a light dusting! (Weather-people have the best jobs --- they can be wrong all the time and still be employed!) It's still snowing and I suppose it could change at any time, but I was looking forward to hot water this summer!!! (A big joke here at our house because we get so little moisture in the high-desert!)

I was hoping the big storm would either get me in the mood to scrap or study. So far, it's done neither! So here is another card I made for Mother's Day last week. I'm thinking about some Father's Day cards. They're not quite as fun, but I do have a few good Riley stamps that work for men, so I'll try and get inspired!

What is your inspiration today?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cards for the Troops

Last Thursday I took the day off to spend with Melanie because she was on Spring break. As it turned out, our plans got all twisted and I ended up making a bunch of Mother's Day cards to send to the troops instead! Here are a few of the very cute cards that I made!!!

So what happened?? Well the week before Melanie was on break we had 70 degree weather and we were welcoming Springtime in the Rockies! We thought it would be great to spend our day together at the zoo! Unfortunately the week began in the 40's and it never got much warmer than that. We decided on a trip to Park Meadows Mall instead. That is still a major outing for us because we have to take the bus. In addition, after we were done spending all our money, Melanie was going to spend a few nights at her best friends house in Aurora - being picked up at the mall. But the weatherman ordered a BLIZZARD on of all days - THURSDAY! We woke up to sunny skies, however by 9:30 it began to snow. We went for plan C - a shopping trip to the Outlet Mall in Castle Rock and a mid-afternoon bus ride up North for Melanie to meet her friend! Not much, but better than nothing!!

We took the shuttle bus to the mall and as soon as we got there we were told it was going to close within the hour. They wanted everyone to be home safe. Thankfully for Melanie there was a bus arriving to take her to Denver within minutes and away she went. That was my day off spent with my daughter. :( A big disappointment. So I took the next shuttle bus home, watched the snow fall and made cards for the troops! I had a lot of success... sending 10 Mother's Day cards and 16 various other cards from my stash!

The snow fell on and off all night. We only ended up with about 9 inches - which wasn't bad because they were calling for about double that! And by Saturday, the grass was completely showing once again! Gotta love the Spring storms in the Rockies!!

I opted to work from home on Friday, instead of trekking to the office and as it turns out, that would have been my only choice anyway! Melanie decided to come home and her friends took her back to the bus stop and tried to send her back home via bus. Unfortunately it never showed up... they didn't run service at all that day. So as I said, I couldn't have gotten to the office unless I walked!! Eventually Dan met her and brought my baby home! What a fiasco those 2 days were!!

And as I sit here typing this, we are once again cursed for enjoying that 70's weather for that week! After a brief storm yesterday dumping about an inch during the morning rush, another storm is heading our way for Wednesday's commute home! This one is calling for 3-6" in my neck of the woods! That either means a trace or a foot! The weatherman is never right here! One more storm is headed here on Friday/Saturday as well!

With all that fresh powder, I think it's time to hit the slopes again! Hopefully we can find the time and energy to get up there this weekend! There are only a few more weeks left at most resorts! We definitely have one more weekend in us - Easter Weekend we will be up there to have some fun... in one way or another!!! Snow or not!

OK, I have to get back to studying... it's not much fun, but I'm trying very hard!!!