Monday, August 17, 2009

My rock star is 14 today!!!

10 years later and Melanie got a bass guitar for her birthday... maybe I really do have a rock star in the making!!! Melanie turns 14 today - I'm in shock and disbelief that I am that old! Not to mention her!! I made her the favorite shake 'n bake chicken dinner and we're going for Cold Stone in a little bit! School was good, so I'm guessing she had a great day!

The concert on Saturday was awesome! I still have a hoarse voice from all the screaming! You would have thought I was a teenager!! They put on an amazing show and we had great seats! I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares from all the loud fireworks!! They made me jump every time! I will go back to see them next time they're in Denver! Love it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Green Day!

You can say that I don't get out much! I'm so excited to be going to the Green Day concert tonight! I've always loved them and said if they were ever in town, I was going.... well my chance has come! Pepsi Center - 7 p.m. TONIGHT!!! I can't wait to act like an American Idiot and rock out!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Card, Chicago and HS???

Doesn't this Diva rock??!! This was a card and gift tin I made for my sister's 50th birthday (back in June)! The saying goes... "Just think with every birthday your even closer to being more like your parents"! The little horse is special... he was found in my mother's collection of stuff after she died. My sis, sil and I have been passing it back and forth for almost 18 years now. We hide it in each others homes, or in my case since they live far away, I just mail it back sometimes! It's like mom is always still with us! So for my sis' 50th, I made the special travel tin and sent it back! I think she got a kick out of it... who knows, we never talk about it - it's all secret!!

I'm headed to Chicago in 2 weeks to be with my father as he undergoes open heart surgery to repair his valve. (Maybe this will end back up in my suitcase?) The prognosis is very good - he has an excellent doctor. But I wasn't going to sit 1000 miles away and wait by the phone this time, I'm gong to be right there!

Tonight was back to school night. Melanie has been back since Monday and so far so good! It is definitely a bigger responsibility for her in HS! Oh, if only I had these opportunities when I was her age! What I missed!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

June Challange a bit late

After I returned from Mexico in mid-July I finally had time to "play" in the June CJ Survivors Challenge of the Month. The challenge was to use 3 pieces of pattern paper to make as many projects as you can. I created a total of 10 cards and most of these cards were included in a recent package of 26 cards I sent to Cards for Hero's. It took me awhile to get the pictures posted, but hey, at least they got sent out to the troops first!!