Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful day!

Oh what a beautiful day it was for snowshoeing! We took a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park and went playing in 8" of new snow! The temps were warm and the sun was shining! Too bad I over-dressed because I was sweating so bad I had a melt down just shy of the lake! When we finally reached The Loch (remember that place Marlene?), I was so happy to finally eat and relax! The fresh air really did us good - I'm exhausted tonight! We figure we went around 6 miles or so - sometimes even blazing our own trail! The hike (or slide) down was the best part!
Tomorrow we're headed up to Summit County (not sure where yet) for another day of skiing! Only a few more good weeks left, so we've got to enjoy the snow while we can! My brother is coming in just under 3 weeks and I'm really looking forward to his visit! We're taking him to the mountains and plan to do a little skiing, maybe some snowshoeing or tubing or just enjoying the views! We never did this stuff as kids, so we have lots to make up for as adults! It will be fun!