Sunday, September 30, 2007

ScrapPink crop

Yippe, what a great, productive weekend Toni and I had at the ScrapPink crop sponsored by Scrapbook Destinations!!! We spent all day Saturday and all day today together cropping! Toni blew me away with her speed – creating twice as many gorgeous LO’s YESTERDAY as I did all weekend!! Then she spent today stamping, coloring and creating the cutest cards!! (I wish I had the eyesight to do what she does - it is SO CUTE!) I did get a lot accomplished considering what a slow scrapper I am, which was great! I also learned a lot, not only from Toni but from other people as well! This was a great experience for my first crop… I can't wait to try it again. I'm sure I will do things differently next time - like take less and use up more!

We stayed up well past 2 a.m. last night giggling and learning all about each other! We were like 2 little school girls having a slumber party! We may be from 2 different places in the world, but we seem to get along great!! I think our families will also get along well!! The men and our daughters seem to have a lot in common! And I hear her son will be our entertainment!! I can't wait to see her oasis in the mountains - hopefully when we visit the elk will be dining in the backyard! I am happy I have a new friend who loves what I love - scrapbooking!

While I was having fun, apparently Melanie and her cousin had their own fun!! First Dan took them to the Rockies game last night where they watched the home team "BURY" the D-backs in a 11-1 win! They even got to see a grand slam! Then today when they had nothing else to do, they colored their hair PINK!!! It is in honor of Breast Cancer month, so how can I say anything? At least it's not my hair!! As long as they like it and don't mind the laughter, I'm fine with it!! Aren't they cute??

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy it's Wednesday...

This has been some week so far...
On Saturday and Sunday we spent hours learning about the incredible history of Breckenridge and South Park. We went on walking tours and visited several museums, including an old gold mine. It was all great history and fun to learn more about names we hear everyday... like names of ski runs, towns and streets! I will recommend the walking tour in Breckenridge to everyone! On the way home, we drove over Boreas Pass and captured the wonderful fall colors in this photo! Too bad they disappear so fast!
Monday Dad flew back to Chicago. It's always sad to say good-bye. More than likely the next time we will see him will be in London in March. Then we went back to work... ugh! We are down 2 more people this week and I'm stuck packing up payrolls for shipment - great use of the college degree... Needless to say, I'm not too happy this week.
On Tuesday afternoon I got horrible sharp pains in my abdomen that lasted until almost 10 p.m. Still don't know what caused them, but I'm thrilled they are GONE! I was felling a bit better today, but work continued to bring me down... can't wait until the week is over.
Lost a few hours last night of finishing up my CJ, so I'm now behind the 8 ball to get that done and pack up for the crop this weekend. I'm really looking forward to a weekend getting to know Toni more, cropping like crazy, and have a fun "girls" weekend! Haven't done much of that, so I'm ready for it!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Rockies kicked butt!!

They did a sweep of the Dodgers series by winning the game yesterday 9-4! Holiday had an awesome bat! We were lucky enough to get box seats on the 1st base corner of the outfield IN THE SHADE! If you are in Denver, it's been in the mid-80's still! When will this heat disappear?? Oh, when we officially celebrate Fall it's suppose to drop to 70! Yeah!!

Today we visited the Colorado History Museum and the Byer Evans House Museum. They were both very interesting! Took a few pics, I'll have to post them next week when I get settled back in. It was interesting to hear all these names of people who have mountains, streets, and lakes named after them! I'd like to learn more about Denver History!

We are off in a few minutes to the cooler temperatures of the mountains! Should be a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Off to the game...

Dad arrived safe and sound last night - yeah!! I'm always happy to see him! It seems like the visits are getting farther and farther apart (a year this time)... they should be getting closer! I guess I need to start going back to Chicago once in awhile! LOL!

So today we are off to the Rockies game!! They are on a roll, beating the Dodgers in the last 3 games! Hopefully they can keep up the pace today and show us a great game! It is suppose to be 88 out there - great baseball weather for September! We're going to eat at the Buckhorn Exchange for lunch - it has the 1st liquor license in Colorado! Should be fun!

Tomorrow we will go to a few museums in Denver - that should be fun too! I really wanted to go to the US Mint, but they are closed for renovations - figures! And then tomorrow night we are off to the mountains for more R and R!

I have a big crop coming up next week and I'm so excited. Wish I had time to plan for this now, but it will have to wait until Dad leaves on Monday. I have plenty of projects just not sure which one to get involved in! I did join a brand new CJ group - Seasoned Survivors! Toni recommended me, which makes me feel honored! I think it's going to be a ton of fun! Right now they're doing challenges until the end of the year. I missed the first one, but will join in on the next one! The CJ starts in January, so I have plenty of time to figure out a theme!

Off to the game....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Beautiful morning!

Oh what a beautiful way to start a Monday morning!! Isn’t it amazing how something as beautiful as this sunrise sets the tone for the day! As tired as I was this a.m., I still managed to walk from the bus stop to the office this morning and was HAPPY doing it!! It’s always a good walk, especially when it’s cool! (1.75 miles) And the day went well, which is always a plus for a Monday! Nice that I only have to work until noon on Wednesday then I'm off the rest of the day!! Yippee!

Our weekend was very pleasant too! We did our last camping trip of the season (well maybe) up at Mueller SP. It is such a beautiful campground! On Saturday we spent a few hours at the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine learning about how the miners struck it rich on gold, silver and other minerals. We’ve been on the tour several times before, but they’ve changed it up, so it was still quite interesting! The kids really enjoyed the mine and they each took home a rock with small traces of gold or silver! Too bad it wasn’t worth enough to pay for the tour!

After the great tour, we took a drive down Phantom Canyon and found a very nice picnic spot! It is always fun to spread out the blanket and enjoy a nice lunch next to a creek! Phantom Canyon is very beautiful and I bet in a few weeks it will even be more gorgeous with the color changes! We were a wee-bit early for that!

On Sunday we packed up our camper for the winter. Boo Hoo! Well, if the weather is nice, we might just go out for one more weekend in October, but we just don’t know yet.

Grandpa is coming to visit on Wednesday! It’s been a full year since I saw him last, so I’m really anxious to see my Dad! Sure do miss him!

I need to finish my CJ before he arrives – so off to work on it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So much fun today!

What fun... I finally got to meet up with Toni, an absoultely wonderful, giving fellow scrapbooker that I've met through the CJ I belong to! We had so much fun today getting to know eathother! We definately have to do it again!

Toni lives in the foothills and took the long trek down to Castle Rock today to meet me for lunch! I had time to show her around my house and bore her with some of my scrapbooks! She brought me so many goodies, I do not know how I can repay her (but I will)! She even left me with some of her georgous cards that she's made giving me lots of ideas! Next time I will have to get a stamping lesson from her!

As part of her generosity, Toni took me scrapbook shopping!! That is always a great time for me! We went to a new store in Highlands Ranch called Scrapbook Destination. They have a lot of nice stuff and their store has penty of room to move around in. We found that we both LOVE paper and bought more of it of course! They are sponsoring a Crop in a few weeks and Toni and I might go. It's a full weekend at the Wyndham in the DTC (right by my office), so plenty of time to talk and scrap! That could be fun! She also mentioned that she will be going to a show in February in CA - maybe I'll tag along on that one too! I'm so happy I finally met such a talented lady around here! (Too bad I don't live in the mountains as well!)

I also got to go to HL - somepleace I don't get very often. The day ended way too soon as Toni had to get home to rescue her kids from the school bus!

Back to reality tomorrow and back to work... wah! At least I can work from home tomorrow - it will be my last day for a few weeks.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rainy day

I wrote a short post yesterday only to have it lost when the Internet went down - again! Yawn! I'm getting tired of the trees getting in the way of our line of sight to the bluff and knocking our Internet down. ERGGGGG....

On Sunday we were saved from too much work by the rain!! Dan did manage to get most of the repairs done on the camper before we had to quickly close it before the thunder started. I was pulling weeds - a very un-favorite thing to do, so I was thrilled that the rain came!! I do like green grass and hot showers though!

We spent last night at Mary's house celebrating her birthday with pizza and then a game of HORSE (basketball). The game was cut short when the thunder began again. I didn't win, but at least I beat Moira! Yes, the blind girl beat Moira! And both Dan and Melanie beat me!

We woke this morning to MORE rain - actually mist and fog. It was pretty cold too. I think Fall is on it's way - yippee! I've had enough heat for the year! The wet weather did make for a long, tiring day. I was glad when it was over. I've made dinner, prepared chili for tomorrow and now I'm catching up on emails. Next I have to work on my CJ. It won't be done for Wednesday since I do not have the pictures I need, but at least it will be started!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Housework, Shopping and Parties!

Today is busy with housework, shopping and parties! The best part will be the shopping - until the bill comes of course!! The worst is housework, but it has to get done!

Melanie and I are going to go to Kohl's and spend her gift card she got for her birthday. Knowing me, that won't be the only thing we spend!! Then we're going to Ski Rex to find her some skis, boots and poles... not that will be expensive! Hopefully it will be a fun day shopping!!

We also have 2 parties today - a kids party for Mary and dinner for BIL. A great way to blow the "Good Eating" habits!!

I got the latest CJ this week and now I have to think hard! It is "10 Things About Me". 4 things I can't live without, 3 things you like about yourself, 2 places you'd like to live and 1 greatest accomplishment! I'm so UN-materialist that I'm lost on the first one! What 4 things CAN'T I live without?? Geez, that's hard! I guess I'll just have to stop thinking so hard! I know one is Ted E., but beyond other's in my family, I'm lost. Someone else already used Air, Water, etc... so I don't want to copy there. I must figure it out by the end of today so that I can scrap it and pass it on to Toni when she's here on Wednesday!

OK, off to go shopping!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Thursday...

I am very excited that Toni and I will finally get to meet next week!! We've done lots of chatting online and I know a tiny bit about her, but now I can finally "hear" her Scottish accent! I decided to take the day off so that we don't have to be rushed at lunch and we can spend "MORE" time talking about scrapbooking! I think she can teach me so much!! She is a DT for several companies now I think. I'm envious, but I don't think my skills are up to that. She has opened my eyes up to realize that there is so much more to the craft than what i see in my own little world! (And I don't see very clearly, that's for sure!)

The other ironic thing about Toni - she was also in HR!! Speaking of which, I chatted with Susan last night until my internet went down. She moved in with her boyfriend in the city! She has always wanted to be in the city, so that is fantastic for her! And Harrison is going to Lincoln Park HS! That's where Cindy goes! I think he's only a freshman though. She told me that Graham got re-married - that's cool! I miss my friends at CHG - I loved working there. I need to find a new carrer and fast!! SAHM sounds good!

I've been working on some greeting cards for the troops. I found this lady on 2Peas that sends cards to them and have been thinking about doing this all summer. I finally started making some cards so hopefully I can send her some soon. It's a good way to use up my scraps! And hopefully make someone happy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How do we relax??

The standing joke in our family is that we do NOT know how to relax! Take Labor Day Weekend. While most people slept in, laid around the house and didn't do much of anything, we were off doing our thing!! That thing... camping, horseback riding, swimming, 4-wheeling and hiking! From the moment we got to the campground, until the time we packed up and headed home, we were busy! OK, I must admit, I did sleep in until 8 one morning, but when it's cold outside, who wants to get out of the warm, cozy sleeping bag!! We cannot imagine laying around the house doing NOTHING! We'd be bored in 10 minutes!!

Camping outside of Buena Vista was awesome as usual! The campground was very quiet and had lots of privacy. It was located 1/2 way up Cottonwood pass, which crosses the Continental Divide! (You know where the water flows either East or West depending on which side of the divide you are on!)

On Saturday we took a ride up to the top of Cottonwood Pass and climbed up the peak there for a birds eye look from the summit! Awesome views of Taylor Reservoir (another one of my favorite camping areas)! From there we drove down to Taylor Park and then up to Tin Cup - a great little ghost town. Before we got there though, we stopped by a creek and had an awesome picnic lunch! From Tin Cup we choose Tin Cup Pass - a rough 13 mile 4-wheel drive trail. In our old Isuzu Rodeo it would have been a piece of cake - in our Ford Expedition, it's a bit more scary! We got hung up once or twice, but nothing the master driver couldn't maneuver over! Dan did an excellent job! We made it to the top - took a few quick pictures and headed back down the other side to St. Elmo! The kids liked looking at the old buildings and feeding the chipmunks in St. Elmo. We wrapped up the day with s'mores by the fire!On Sunday we went horseback riding by Mt. Princeton. It was a very nice 2 hour ride, even though it took a LONG time for them to get the horses saddled up! We did the ride last year, but at least they took us in a different direction this time! My horse, Jaz was very well behaved. Dan's on the other hand was pretty old - had an appropriate name "Drifter"! I think Mel liked her horse Doc. After the ride, we had a quick picnic at Chalk Lake and then went swimming at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. It is fun to walk in the creek, but sitting on their steaming hot toilets is only but an experience! Again, a good dinner and s’mores finished out the evening!

On Monday we cleaned up the camper and headed home… boo hoo! One last camping trip (in 2 weeks) before we’re done for the season. That is but one of the sad things about the mountains – you can camp in Fall, but with no reservations we just hate to take the chance.

Back to work yesterday and today… busy was good, but I have a headache now! I’m so looking forward to some cooler weather and even SKI SEASON!! SNIAGRAB this weekend for some new skis for Mel! (That’s BARGAINS for those of you who are not familiar!!)