Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where have I been?

Great question!!

Unfortunately my priorities were shuffled around these past few weeks and I've had blogging at the bottom of the list. Not only writing but reading other's blogs as well. I hope that as this month continues on I will find more time and energy to keep up the blog! Hopefully you missed me??!!

During the week I've spent most of my day working both at the office and after hours at home. And on the weekends, we've been going skiing! January 6th was Dan's birthday, so last weekend we spent up in the mountains of course! We skied at Vail on Saturday and Breckenridge on Sunday! It was great - lots of powder at Vail and I "jumped" into the back bowls! The doctor said, no bowls right away, but after 7 days of skiing previously I was ready! I'm still struggling with the "endurance" issue, but my knee is doing great otherwise!

We finally got our Christmas tree down this week, but I'm still trying to find the energy to put everything away in the basement! And once the snow is melted I can pull down the outside lights! Of course, by the time I find time it will snow again!

This weekend we're, you guessed it, skiing again!! We're going to hit A-Basin on Saturday and who knows where on Sunday! They're all getting lots of snow, so it really doesn't matter! The only issue we just realized is that it's a holiday weekend - MLK day. That means crowds. Yuck! I'd like to try up the (Beaver) Creek on Sunday - we'll see!

I'm anxious to get some scrapping done and some things posted next week. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


toners said...

Yeah! Welcome back to blog world! We did miss you!

Patti said...

Welcome back - Yes - I have definitely missed you! I was getting ready to post on you facebook to get busy girlie! Have fun skiing & take time for yourself....this is no way to start the new year off!

Debbie said...

Enjoy the slopes!