Sunday, May 17, 2009

Father's Day Card

Here is one of the Father's Day cards that I made for Cards for Hero's. I love this Riley (well, I love them all) and thought it was quite appropriate for a male card! Inside it does say "Happy Father's Day"!

Speaking of camping... we have decided last minute to go away for Memorial Weekend after all. Originally we didn't plan anything because of the basement remodel, but we are now at a stand still and have no reason to stay home! The framing is done. We have to get an electrician in, but probably won't get one hired and working until after the holiday, so there is nothing stopping us!!! Yippee, back to the mountains I go!! We selected a campground we've never been too, in South Park (yeah, like the cartoon) and we hope that it will be nice! The guys (including Tom, our basement savior) will have an opportunity to go fishing! And I can study in the fresh mountain air!!

The fish are doing great... maybe too great! Bruno is PREGNANT!!! No, Melanie doesn't plan to change the name! What this means is no more fish until the birth. So the three little fish will have reign of that great big tank for several more weeks! This should be interesting!

Off to enjoy our summer weather!!!

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Debbie said...

A pregnant fish, that's kind of like a bonus. 6+ fish for the price of one!