Monday, October 26, 2009

Here I am

I've definitely been hiding lately, I know, I know! The weather here has been such that hiding under a blanket is the way to be!!! We've had 3 snowstorms already this month! Not typical for the Denver I know! And the next is due to hit tomorrow night - our biggest yet they say! It's going to be a long season... tuning up my skis!!!

Dad's 75th birthday is in mid-November and we're heading to Chi-town to help him celebrate! He requested "no gifts", but since when do his children actually listen? So as a surprise, I asked each child, spouse and grandchild to send me their fondest memory, reason why they love Grandpa or whatever they wanted to say to him along with a picture so that I could create him a birthday gift he can't refuse! And knowing Dad, he will love it forever! Here are a few pages that I've put together so far! The first one is from my brother! (Ed, it may have not been the best picture, but I thought it was the most fitting for the page!) The second one is from my niece Sarah! I choose a pad of paper called Latte from DCWV - the color palette is blue, green, purple and cream. And the patterns are more graphic than flowery - perfect for a male! The first half will be all of our pages and the last half of the book will be blank pages for him to add photos from his party! Speaking of which - all my relatives will be there and it will be great to see them all! Better at this celebration than at a funeral, that's for darn sure!!

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Debbie said...

Good to see you! The album pages are fabulous. What an amazing gift for your Dad.