Sunday, February 7, 2010

CJ Challenge - February

Here is a peek for my CJ friends at my completed challenge for Rocio! It was kind of hard but fun to scrap only journaling! I was definitely struggling after the first 5 or so, but FINALLY they're done!! The thing that was out of my comfort zone was journaling with my own handwriting. It wasn't required, but I thought it would be what she'd want. In the end, I'm pretty happy with the results and hope that she is too! The 10 things about me include... projects, clean, mother. travel, mountains, 20/20, colors, chocolate, college and career! Hope you can read them!


Patti said...

Awesome job!!! I need to go read my instructions again, I don't remember the Journaling part......uh oh!

Rocio said...

Awesome Sue. Love it. Can't wait to get it. No you didn't need to journal in your own writting, but it's great that I also get your writting in the project. I'm a slacker at the moment and haven't finished mine. It's been crazy weeks at work and not much time to do anything else. Hopefully I'll get it done this weekend if not by next Friday. I also have to finish Lisa's by next Friday as I'm leaving Sunday 21st for 2.5 weeks to Clifton, TX.

Debbie said...

Fantastic Sue!