Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at a favorite spot - O'Haver Lake. It was a gorgeous weekend with sunshine, warm temps and lots and lots of wind! OK, the wind wasn't my favorite, but we survived anyway! We did what most campers do - relax! We just hung out and relaxed! It was quite enjoyable and we can't wait to try that again!

Dan took Moira's kids fishing - Melanie and I just hung back out of the way! The lake had been stocked earlier that week, so you can imagine the success they had! It didn't even take 5 minutes and they were reeling in trout! In all they caught over 12 fish and kept a total of 7 over 2 days. Now, they were happy to catch the fish, but touching them was quite another story! Moira did all the "dirty" work for her kids while they had all the fun! Dan then taught them how to clean and cook them as well. Of course, the girls just watched!
It was so great to enjoy a campfire once again! That has to be one of my favorite parts of the trip! I'm not big on s'mores - I love all the parts, just not mushed together! But just watching and listening to the fire crackle, feeling the warmth as the air cools and sharing stories are what makes being outdoors fun!

This weekend we're headed off to another favorite - RMNP! No relaxing this weekend; we're planning a good hike on Saturday! Just the 3 of us!

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