Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slow down time...

I can't believe it's been a week already since we returned from our weekend trip to Chicago! Time just keeps flying... can someone just slow it down a bit??

Melanie and I had a BLAST in Chicago! We arrived very late Thursday night (or Friday morning) and were greeted by my Dad! It was great to see him - he looks fantastic! We got to sleep in a bit on Friday, but then gathered up cousin Cindy and went homecoming dress shopping at the mall! I think Melanie enjoyed having Cindy with... they could be sisters - they liked the same things! Melanie found the "perfect" dress, even with a few sparkles on it! It's purple!! We had a wonderful lunch and even a few minutes at the nail salon treating ourselves before we headed back to Grandpa's! Then the three of us and Grandpa had a quick bite before heading off to see a local play! It was in a cool playhouse and was awesome! I can't remember the name, but it was fun!

On Saturday my "great" friend and fellow card maker, Marlene picked us up for yet another long day of shopping - but this time it was all about the scrapbook stores! I got some great supplies, despite not spending too much money! We had a nice lunch on the patio in Glenview and a wonderful dinner at her house eating one of my favorites - gyros! You just can't get a good one here! It was fun as always to spend time with Marlene (and Paul)!
On Sunday we took Cindy and Phil with us to the Shedd Aquarium! I hadn't been there in over 15 years! It was just as cool as I remember it - maybe even better! I wasn't impressed with their dolphin show, but then again after you've had an opportunity to swim with them yourself, it's never as good just to watch! We did have fun watching the fish, penguins, dolphins and turtles and can't wait to see them in person in Aruba really son! It was also great to spend more time with Cindy and Phil! That evening we had dinner with the family and I got to see everyone but Katie and Matt (but I did get to see him on Monday)!

On Monday, Dad, Melanie and I ventured down to the Museum of Science and Industry. The exhibit on weather was really, really cool! They had a great hurricane to watch and we were mesmerized by it! Melanie got to see her Fairy Castle and couldn't stop staring at it! I love to watch the train move around the country - it's always been one of my favorite things! We wandered around for hours and had a great time at a Chicago favorite! Later that evening we were able to share dinner with Ed and Dad and enjoy the last few hours together before heading home on Tuesday morning!

I will always miss my family, but I seriously do not miss the weather there. it was humid 1/2 the time (I guess that's better than all the time)! I don't miss the traffic and pace, but I do miss the really good food, friends and family!

The day after we got back Dad had a pain in his chest and spent a night in the hospital, thankfully just as a precaution. The test came out just fine and he was diagnosed with a spasm! I'm glad he was OK. After talking to him tonight, he's back in therapy and doing wonderfully!

So, I'm still waiting for someone to slow time down... you can start about 3 p.m. on Friday and make my holiday weekend coming up longer!!! Enjoy everyone!

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Marlene said...

There's no one I'd rather spend time shopping for cool card and scrap supplies than you. Come back soon, Boogs!