Sunday, October 24, 2010

So relaxed

What a wonderful week we had relaxing on the beach in Aruba! We got back very late on Friday night (actually Saturday) and spent the rest of our weekend doing those necessary errands and trying not to think about Monday! I woke up on Saturday with a sore throat and don't feel much better tonight... thankfully if I had to get sick it's after the vacation and not during! Maybe I need a few more days off?
I don't feel much like uploading pictures tonight, so just thought I'd share a few. Wasn't this a beautiful sunset? We watched this as we dined on our final night on the island! It went so fast - both the sunset and the week - but we sure did have an awesome time! We'd recommend Aruba over Mexico any day of the week! It was wonderful! I'll share more of the adventure later this week. (I promise!)

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