Friday, December 3, 2010

Marlene's Gift

Every year I rack my brain to come up with a gift for my childhood buddy, Marlene that is better than the last! I think I did a great job this year when I came up with the "countdown" boxes!

I used the Karen Foster advent calendar box, and decorated in some colorful paper from Cosmo Cricket. Then I filled each little drawer with a small scrapping gift (and yes, they're small) that would give her some inspiration to create! I even bought some of the trinkets whenI was in Chicago in August, shopping with her standing next to me! Ha, she didn't even know!

And since I know Marlene, she LOVED IT! On her actual birthday, which was Tuesday, she receive ed a coordinating card, with a gift card to buy more stuff! Hey, we all "need" more stuff - don't we?? Big (((HUGS))) and lots of great scrapping days ahead Marles!


Marlene said...

You never fail to surprise and inspire me with your creativity and thoughtfulness. Of course, the bad news is, I so can't compete with you in the gift department, that you get gift cards from me on your birthday - BORING! I'm so glad you are the more creative of the two of us!

Love ya, Snot!

Marlene said...
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Lisa said...

Great job! Looks like it was a lot of fun to make too.