Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Butterfly Card

Over last weekend I finally got around to buying shelves for my office/scrap room! I settled on wire shelves that are 16" deep. They are deeper than I would have originally preferred, however the space between the rungs is closer, which I thought would work better! And to my happiness, Dan even installed them the same day for me! Now I'm trying to organize and fill them up! That is a tough project for me because every time I see something I forgot about, I want to stop and start a new project!!! Thus, the butterfly card! Found these butterflies laying on my desk. I've had them FOREVER! They are from Target. I started with a design from Taylored Expressions and then I rummaged through my old scrap paper and found some that matched fairly well. I changed her sketch to fit my butterflies and my mood and came up with a card I really like! I think it's the colors that attract me most! Wish they showed up better here!! Well needless to say, it's Wednesday and I'm still not finished organizing my stuff! I doubt I'll ever be finished!!!

My brother arrives tomorrow, along with my husband! Ed is coming to visit us and we are going to climb our first 14er together!!! He climbed Long's Peak many moon's ago! I hope he's not too disappointed that I ruled that one out this summer, but I wasn't prepared for a 16 mile technical hike quite yet! Instead we are going to try a trio of mountains - Lincoln, Bross and Democrat! There is actually a 4th one there that doesn't always count - depends on what book you read! We'll see if we can conquer all of them or not! I'm really excited to see my brother!

Dad is doing great! He's out and about and feeling as though this never happened! We'll know next week when his next operation will be. Then I'll probably go visit him!

Oh and before I forget, after 20 years of marriage, I'm finally getting a honeymoon!!! A trip to Cancun in October! I'll tell more another day....


toners said...

I hope you are enjoying your visit from your brother - and that you are putting those shelves to good use already! :)

Beautiful card, too!

plg said...

Enjoy the time with your brother & don't wait to long to go see your dad!
Happy honeymoon you lucky girl!!!

Benita said...

I love the butterfly card! Can't wait to see a picture of your shelves :)

Congrats on getting a honeymoon! That's awesome! I'm hoping that maybe I'll get one for our 20th anniversary as well.....a year & a half to go :)

Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

Great card! Those colors are beautiful together!