Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This past Labor Day weekend we spent up at Rocky Mountain NP with our friends Moira, Caitlin, Mary, Nestor and Tammy! We had a fantastic time and a great end to summer!

On Saturday we started out at the Alluvial Fan Falls - a spot we had never gotten up close and personal with prior to this trip! It was a neat place to climb around on the rocks and get our feet wet! We then headed up Old Fall River road, the original road that went up to the top of the pass overlooking the Never Summer Range. It was a long, painful trip following a very slow woman driver who refused to let us pass! The only bonus was the napping elk we spotted along the way! At the top, we took newbies to the park Nestor and Tammi up to the top to catch the best views! That was the warmest I had ever seen it up that high! It was beautiful as usual. A quick trip down the pass and into town for ice cream was the last thing on our agenda for Saturday! What a pleasant day!

On Sunday Nestor, Tammy, Melanie, Dan and I set up the trail to climb Flat Top Mountain! It stands at 12,234' and has a HUGE flat top (thus the name!!) The hike started out at Bear Lake and gradually climbed over 2,800' in 4.4 miles. There were 2 really nice overlooks along the way - one of Dream Lake and the other of Emerald Lake. Both lakes have been visited by us in both winter and summer, so it was fun to see them in a different way! What a great place for Tammy to celebrate her birthday - on the top of the world!!! We got up after the sun hid behind the clouds but before it sprinkled. And we got off before the weather turned and worse!!! This is my family at the top with the lakes behind and below.

After the hike we all crashed! On Monday before we left we took a really short hike to Alberta Falls! It was beautiful as usual! What a fun weekend!!!!


toners said...

Awesome photos!! Glad you all had fun and great weather :)

plg said...

How cool! What a great family photo - I see a Christmas card photo in the making........:)

Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

That's the cool thing about hiking up mountains...guilt free ice cream afterwards!!! LOL!

Great pictures!