Sunday, September 14, 2008

New cards

I've spent some of the weekend working on cards! It's been fun, but it's now time to turn to scrapbook pages! I have had such a block there, maybe my recent surge in cards will help!!! Here is a card I made for my nephew for his upcoming birthday. Michael will be 26 this year and is still waiting for the city of Chicago to call him up for the fire department! Maybe this will be his year finally!

As for volleyball pictures, I was a bad Mom and didn't bring the camera to any of her games... bad Mom! The team did manage a 6-0 season - congrats to Melanie!!! Mel will be going to a v-ball camp next month, maybe I'll be able to remember the camera then?!!


Kati said...

Yay, Melanie! Congratulations on the 6-0 season!

toners said...

Cute card! And congrats to Mel!