Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy as ever

I love Christmas time, but it all seems to fly by in such a blur! Right now I am feverishly trying to finish a stack of cards that I'm giving away to my Dad's lady friend! This card was one I made... I love Riley the moose... thanks to all the stamped images I made while at Toni's house last weekend! I think this image is so cute, I even asked Dan to get it for me for Christmas! I hope that he gets all the ones I asked for!
Yesterday we went to Breckenridge to ski! I had a great day, putting in at least a dozen runs! I felt really good until the end! The weather was snowy, but there were no crowds, so it was perfect! We skied with friends from Golder and a long time friend from Dan's ski club - Tom! Tom is moving out here to see if he can make a life here! We are very excited to have him and can't wait until he stays with us next month for a few days! What a great guy!
Today I did chores around the house and did some Christmas shopping! I made a dent, but I still have more to do. I'm hoping to get to the mall (ugh, I hate the mall) one night this week with Moira! Hopefully I can get it all done then!!!
Have a great week everyone!


toners said...

Gorgeous card! Sounds like you've had a fun weekend :) I'm with you about the mall, though - I can't stand going there most times, especially at this time of the year!

Patti said...

I never do the mall - I hit the strip malls for all my shopping....or Wal-Mart of Meijers. Gotta love Meijers!

Kati said...

Now that I have returned to the land of the walking and understand how genuinely hard recovery is, I send sincere congratulations on your return to the ski slopes! You're amazing, Sue!