Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Basment Remodel

A few weeks ago Dan started the basement remodel. For almost 7 years now he has been asking for "walls" and "heat" in his basement! (He never complained in the summer when it's cooler down there though!) We had a contractor quote us last year, but they wanted an insane amount of money just to do his office. So finally he decided to refinish it himself! He has the know-how, it was just the "will" to do it! He finally saved enough cash and we were off getting that permit! Here are some photos from the first few days of the project.

This will be his office... walk through French doors into his spacious room, complete with a nice big closet! (off to the right behind the staircase.) Those French doors were a killer to carry down the side of our house, in the dark! I had bruises on my legs from trying to support it!!

Here are all the studs I helped carry! More bruises on the shoulders!

This is the big room that someday might just have the TV and work out equipment in it! There will also be a furnace room over to the left.

So there it is... I'll post more when there is more progress to report!!!


Flatfish said...

I love remodeling!!! Keep going, it's going to be great when it's all done.


Debbie said...

I can't wait to see the "in progress" and finished room photos. What a lot of work!

toners said...

Fabulous job!! Looking forward to seeing more!

Patti said...

Can he come & finish off my basement when he's done with yours? Steve has the know how too, but the time & will are a whole other story!!!

Anonymous said...

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