Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cards for the Troops

Last Thursday I took the day off to spend with Melanie because she was on Spring break. As it turned out, our plans got all twisted and I ended up making a bunch of Mother's Day cards to send to the troops instead! Here are a few of the very cute cards that I made!!!

So what happened?? Well the week before Melanie was on break we had 70 degree weather and we were welcoming Springtime in the Rockies! We thought it would be great to spend our day together at the zoo! Unfortunately the week began in the 40's and it never got much warmer than that. We decided on a trip to Park Meadows Mall instead. That is still a major outing for us because we have to take the bus. In addition, after we were done spending all our money, Melanie was going to spend a few nights at her best friends house in Aurora - being picked up at the mall. But the weatherman ordered a BLIZZARD on of all days - THURSDAY! We woke up to sunny skies, however by 9:30 it began to snow. We went for plan C - a shopping trip to the Outlet Mall in Castle Rock and a mid-afternoon bus ride up North for Melanie to meet her friend! Not much, but better than nothing!!

We took the shuttle bus to the mall and as soon as we got there we were told it was going to close within the hour. They wanted everyone to be home safe. Thankfully for Melanie there was a bus arriving to take her to Denver within minutes and away she went. That was my day off spent with my daughter. :( A big disappointment. So I took the next shuttle bus home, watched the snow fall and made cards for the troops! I had a lot of success... sending 10 Mother's Day cards and 16 various other cards from my stash!

The snow fell on and off all night. We only ended up with about 9 inches - which wasn't bad because they were calling for about double that! And by Saturday, the grass was completely showing once again! Gotta love the Spring storms in the Rockies!!

I opted to work from home on Friday, instead of trekking to the office and as it turns out, that would have been my only choice anyway! Melanie decided to come home and her friends took her back to the bus stop and tried to send her back home via bus. Unfortunately it never showed up... they didn't run service at all that day. So as I said, I couldn't have gotten to the office unless I walked!! Eventually Dan met her and brought my baby home! What a fiasco those 2 days were!!

And as I sit here typing this, we are once again cursed for enjoying that 70's weather for that week! After a brief storm yesterday dumping about an inch during the morning rush, another storm is heading our way for Wednesday's commute home! This one is calling for 3-6" in my neck of the woods! That either means a trace or a foot! The weatherman is never right here! One more storm is headed here on Friday/Saturday as well!

With all that fresh powder, I think it's time to hit the slopes again! Hopefully we can find the time and energy to get up there this weekend! There are only a few more weeks left at most resorts! We definitely have one more weekend in us - Easter Weekend we will be up there to have some fun... in one way or another!!! Snow or not!

OK, I have to get back to studying... it's not much fun, but I'm trying very hard!!!


Flatfish said...

Thanks for making the cards for the troops!!!


Debbie said...

The cards will be well received. Thankfully we don't have to deal with all the crazy snow stuff! Just earthquakes, like our 4.3 the other day, just a little jiggle.

toners said...

Great job for a great cause!