Monday, August 17, 2009

My rock star is 14 today!!!

10 years later and Melanie got a bass guitar for her birthday... maybe I really do have a rock star in the making!!! Melanie turns 14 today - I'm in shock and disbelief that I am that old! Not to mention her!! I made her the favorite shake 'n bake chicken dinner and we're going for Cold Stone in a little bit! School was good, so I'm guessing she had a great day!

The concert on Saturday was awesome! I still have a hoarse voice from all the screaming! You would have thought I was a teenager!! They put on an amazing show and we had great seats! I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares from all the loud fireworks!! They made me jump every time! I will go back to see them next time they're in Denver! Love it!


Debbie said...

How fun, maybe one of these days you will be screaming for your daughter's band!

toners said...

Belated happy birthday wishes to Melanie!

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