Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the good news today is..

Dad was released from the hospital and went home in great spirits! On top of getting his "get out of jail" card finally, he was also told that the open heart surgery was not necessary!! The results of the most recent ultrasound showed that the valve was not as bad as originally thought and that the remaining blockage could be fixed with angioplasty and another stint. He will see the doctors again next week and schedule the surgery following that! Given this news, I don't think I will be traveling into Chicago at this point. Maybe I will make a long weekend trip in September or October once he is recovering.

Tomorrow is finally August! Well that is what Melanie is happy about - I'm not so sure I'm ready for the year to be 7 months over! Tomorrow we go register her for school and finally find out what classes she will have! Then school starts in 10 days! That really makes her happy! (And Mom too!) We will also go together and get our cholesterol checked! Oh joy!

It's really HOT here - today we set a record! It is the 19th day in a row that Denver has hit 90 degrees or more! I finally broke down and turned on the A/C since I'll be working from home tomorrow. And tonight... I'm freezing my buns off!!! I hate A/C!

Stay cool!

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toners said...

Yeah for your dad! That is AWESOME news!

Glad everything went smoothly for you and Melanie yesterday :)

p.s. - there's a little something on my blog for you :)