Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rockin' Brown's Canyon

Last weekend while camping in Buena Vista, we took the crew white-water rafting down the Arkansas River! Here is the crew just before we left for the boat launch! (Sue, Betsy, Dan, Melanie, Moira, Mary and Caitlin)

Dan and I have rafted this stretch of river at least 7 times now and this was the highest level we have ever experienced! It was ROCKIN' baby! The river was so high, we had to duck going under 2 different bridges - ones we couldn't even touch before!!! Oh and did I mention it was COLD?!!! About 40 degrees!!! (Thus the beautiful wet suits!!)

Our guide, Topper put Dan and I in the front (as we usually end up), Moira behind me and Melanie and Betsy behind Dan all paddling. The 2 other girls, Mary and Caitlin got to ride in the princess seats - although they did help us paddle at slower points! Because the water was running so fast and big, we hit rapids immediately!!! The class 2 ones were now class 3 and several of the class 3 rapids were either 3+ or 4! And once we hit the rapids, it was evidence that I was going to be WET the whole darn trip!!! :)

Through the Canyon Doors (Screen door and Storm door) all the way to the Wodow Maker and Seidel's Suck-hole we were moving fast and getting WET!!! The photographer took our picture on Zoom Flume, right after lunch. Too bad Moira fell into the boat just as we hit the rapid, becuase that is where she stayed for all 4 shots!!! I didn't bother to buy the picture, but she did!! Everyone in our boat had an awesome time and can't wait to go try that one again!!!

Next year we're running The Numbers section!!!


plg said...

Good thing you had those beautiful wet suits if you got so wet, eh? I know even I wouldn't enjoy 40 degree water on a hot, sunny day!

toners said...

Great photo - sounds like a fabulous day for everyone!

Debbie said...

You are such an adventurer.