Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My week...

It's been a difficult week for me. On Sunday I received a call from my brother that Dad had suffered a heart attack that morning. He was at the hospital and doing fairly well. Unfortunately I felt absolutely helpless being so far away and not having much information. A few hours later I got a hold of my sister and got the same report. He was to have a stress test later the day but otherwise was doing fairly well. Finally later that night my brother filled me in further. Dad was going to have an angiogram and possibly angioplasty on Monday and Ed would be with him. And I finally got to talk to Dad for a short time before the doctors came in.

I didn't sleep well and definitely didn't feel well when I went to work. Finally around 9 a.m., Ed called to let me know they took him into surgery. About 2 hours later he was out. They placed a stint in an artery that was 99% blocked, but chose not to repair any of the others at this time. Instead they decided to close him up and schedule open heart surgery in a few weeks. I never got to talk to Dad that day but I did get the full report from my brother. In addition to the bypass surgery, he will also have his valve repaired or possibly replaced depending on the damage. This will be a very major surgery.

When I called Dad on Tuesday morning I learned he still had the tube in his groin and he was till flat on his back 22 hours after surgery. That poor man. He sounded really good though and was very positive. I wasn't sure if he really understood what lay ahead of him, but I knew he would eventually. I called him again that evening and he was in an even better mood! He had had the tube removed, had many visitors and was finally moved to a regular room! Now it was just a matter of time before he was released.

Tonight he was still in the hospital and chomping at the bit to get out of there. He told me he has walked up and down the halls many times to get exercise and see something other than the TV! The doctor will release him tomorrow after they have made sure he is strong enough to go home. He is more than ready!

As for the upcoming surgery, well he had lots of questions. He needs to see the cardiologist first and schedule the procedure. Not sure when that will be, but I've told him I will be there. I can't let something major go by with me 1000 miles away. I'm to anxious to get answers and don't want to wait for someone to call. Now, Ed, I know you have done a great job, but put yourself in my shoes!!! Besides, a few days off of work sounds great right now!!!

So, for now my roller coaster has stopped and I'm feeling much better knowing he is doing OK and ready to go home!


Benita said...

{{{hugs}}} I'll be sure to keep your dad & your family in my thoughts & prayers! Hang in there!

toners said...

Sending more (((hugs))) your way! It was great to see you today!

plg said...

Lots & lots of {{{hugs}}} & well wishes to you Sue. Hang in there, God is watching over him & you through this time!
Praying for you all!