Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I was tagged last week by my blogging friend Toni to reveal six secrets (or perhaps things you simply might not know) about me. Here goes :)
  • I used to play Charlie's Angels with my friends... I was usually Sabrina!
  • I wanted to be a computer programmer when I graduated from HS! One class, only D ever and I changed my major!
  • I am a supporter of Obama and that's a big deal for me to share as I don't usually talk politics!
  • My first pregnancy was a miscarriage.
  • In HS I drove my dad's car into an empty parking lot that was full of mud, got stuck and we had to get a tow truck to get it out.
  • I still dream that I missed too many classes my last semester of college and failed to graduate! Thankfully it's just a dream!

Now I need to tag some friends to share their secrets....I'm tagging Kate, Linda and Lisa. Have fun, ladies!

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