Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where did the big snow go??

We went to bed last night with the assumption that we were going to wake up to a blizzard this morning! They were calling for up to a foot of snow. This was the 3rd storm this week and we were happy it didn't happen during rush hour on a work day! Well I'd call all we've received so far a light dusting! (Weather-people have the best jobs --- they can be wrong all the time and still be employed!) It's still snowing and I suppose it could change at any time, but I was looking forward to hot water this summer!!! (A big joke here at our house because we get so little moisture in the high-desert!)

I was hoping the big storm would either get me in the mood to scrap or study. So far, it's done neither! So here is another card I made for Mother's Day last week. I'm thinking about some Father's Day cards. They're not quite as fun, but I do have a few good Riley stamps that work for men, so I'll try and get inspired!

What is your inspiration today?

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toners said...

No inspiration here today - too pooped from our trip! LOL!

We did come home to some snow; just over a foot.