Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Fishy

Last weekend we added 4 more fish to our tank... 2 angel fish and 2 blood fin tetras. Melanie picked out her angel fish - the black one (pictured) is named "FISH" by her cousin Betsy! (sorry for the blurry picture - I need to work on these shots) The white one is named Grace - a bit more normal! We're just waiting to see what sex they really are! The other new fish, Dan picked out and appropriately named them "Twitchy" and "Shaky" after their erratic behavior! Unfortunately I have a hard time remembering their names and have nicknamed them many other things!!! (Like Itchy and Scratchy!) All seem to get along great with Bruno (not pregnant), Harold and Ginger. We're not sure if Bruno gave birth, but we can't seem to find any babies and the black dot is gone... so who knows. We all still enjoy the fish!

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toners said...

LOL about the names... :)