Monday, June 8, 2009

Ready for Drywall

An update on the basement... we're ready for drywall! We passed our first inspection (after a few minor fixes) - the framing, electrical and plumbing stages! The inspector was very impressed with how well he did so far and gave us the green light to insulate! After 2 truckloads of insulation and about 12 hours, Dan got every wall cavity filled! Since the outer walls were already filled on the first inspection, we did not have to wait for that to be inspected! So, now it's drywall time! Unfortunately with my father visiting this week, construction is delayed until after our "mini-vacation" up into the mountains! But I can tell, once he gets started, it will go fast!

Hubby finally relented and went to the doctor today about his painful knee. He is scheduled to have an MRI on Thursday. They said he has arthritis and they think a torn meniscus and if that's the case, he plans to have it repaired in July. Thankfully that's a quicker recovery than it could have been, so he may not miss a day of ski season if he's lucky!! I know how he feels!!


Flatfish said...

Looking good! I know all about the dry wall stuff. Just finished that part of the remodeling of my Dad's bathroom.


toners said...

Looks fantastic! Great job, guys!

Debbie said...

Looks great, with all the insulation it will be nice and cozy during the winter. Can't wait to see the next update.

Kate-uhh said...

I swear to God, my mother has the exact same photo as #3 of OUR basement, lol!