Monday, August 27, 2007

I hate Monday's

It seems like it never fails, the first 30 minutes at work will determine what the day is to be like. The past 3 Monday's have started out with problems and the day has just gone downhill from there. Thankfully this week I had an upswing late this evening and things have turned a bit brighter! First off I got word that I can rent a condo for New Year's weekend for just $79+tax. That is an awesome deal! I sure hope it's a great condo! We're also spending Thanksgiving there, so we'll know soon enough! Secondly, my fellow CJer let me know that the stamps I ordered she got me a deal on! Yahoo! Even though both require money, they are still good news! Tomorrow is weigh in at WW - hopefully the good news will continue! :)


bawdyline said...

Hello aunt sue! A condo for new years? LoL I might have to crash the party! LoL Well this is a great blog if I do say so myself. Well I have to go clean some more before I have to work. Love you!

toners said...

So glad you got the condo deal; fingers crossed for you that WW was a success last night! ((hugs!))