Thursday, August 30, 2007

We're off to the mountains.....

AGAIN! It's our 2nd home!! I've spent the night getting ready for another weekend in the mountains. I made a homemade salsa, cole slaw, rice krispies and prepared the cooler. Oh yeah, there were also loads of laundry and watering the plants! My job is never over!

We are staying outside of Buena Vista halfway up Cottonwood Pass. It should be fun! We are planning to go horseback riding and lounge at the hot springs one day and 4-wheeling the other day. We've done it all before, but it is always a really good time!

Sarah, you know you are always welcome to stay here. As long as you help with the chores, you've always got a place to stay!

Toni - I'm loving listening to your music as I type my own blog. I've got to figure out how you did that!! Are you giving pointers?!

Cheers!!! I'm off to get some beauty sleep!

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toners said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! Too funny!'ve got me thinking would be cool to have music on my blog!!

And since you are so special, I did include you in the drawing for the stamps anyway :) You didn't win, but I wanted you to know your name was in the hat :)

Have a fabulous time this weekend!