Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday is for Bowling...

I am off today and I actually sat down and wrote a whole post this morning. Unfortunately, blogger appeared to be having problems and nothing was saved (beyond my first sentence). So here I spill it all out again!

Well at least this past Sunday was! We had planned to go snowshoeing and then ice skating, but the weather was a bit windy and snowy, so we decided on an indoor sport instead! We took my DD and DN to the bowling alley for a few games! Betsy rocked - she beat us all in the first game! Even bowled a Turkey (3 strikes in a row)!! It was her best score ever at 147! Her 2nd game was a bit more realistic at a 90! Melanie struggled but still got a few strikes and improved by game 2! Me, a meer 90 in the first game and well, I skipped the 2nd one! Never been much of a bowler!

After bowling I went shopping at Kohl's with a 30% off coupon - can't beat that one! Got a few good deals and should now be set with jeans for our trip to London! Can you believe that it is in just 24 short days! Yikes - that's soon! Yippee! Can't wait!

Betsy left us early today and after that Melanie and I went for a manicure and pedicure! Great girl stuff!! Now I'm just sitting around making a few cards and working on an Inspiration CJ. It's funny, I choose the Hardware Store for my Inspiration (had to pick blindly from a group of tags). Since my Dad was a carpenter and I have a garage full of my own tools, you'd think inspiration from there would be easy. I went to Home Depot on Saturday, took lots of pictures and are still STUMPED! I even had bad dreams about it last night! That shouldn't be happening - what's wrong with me??!! Hopefully this will all click soon and I'll get a fabulous LO made!

Hope you all enjoyed President's Day - I know I enjoyed the extra day off!


plg said...

Well - I didn't have president's day off, but my Monday wasn't too bad!
I'm impressed with your double posting! You go girl!
I used to be a huge bowler , carrying a 160 - 175 avg. My dad is a phenomenal bowler - runs in the family!
Enjoy your day Sue!

toners said...

Sounds like tons of fun! Great pic of Mel :) I've only bowled a couple of times, so my score would not be too impressive - LOL!

April said...

Have fun on your trip to London. That sounds so exciting!