Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little behind...

Here is week 3 of our ATC All About Me swap! This was actually the one from the week of 2-18! The prompt was a "Note to Self". Now I had a million ideas as I'm always making mental notes to myself... but the picture I used said it best! Life - enjoy the simple things and you will be happy all the time! This year I am working on staying happy - surrounding myself with happy people! Trying to stop complaining and start living! Enjoying the simple things! So far, it's working great! It can be hard to break old habits, but it can be done, I'm convinced!

I don't have a camera so I can't show you this week's just yet... the theme is Inspiration! Oh what inspires me? You'll have to wait and see!!!

It is just 14 days until we leave for London - how exciting! (Can't you tell by the countdown?) It should really be a fun trip, especially taking my Dad along! Well, it was his idea to go there in the first place (and Dan's) and I just know it will be lots of fun! We will be doing tons of sightseeing, tons of walking and lots of picture taking!!

But before I can go, I have a few loose ends to tie up with my commitments... like 2 CJ's to finish and an ATC swap to mail! Both CJ's seem fairly simple, so I just need to crank them out this weekend while Dan is away. Yeah, unfortunately he ended up on the road for the next 9 days with a brief stop back home Saturday night. Unfortunate but it will give me the time to finish this stuff up and not feel guilty ignoring him!

We are getting a brief dose of spring here! It has been in the 50-60's all week and we are looking at 70 on Saturday! It will be short lived though when the temps drop back to the 40's on Sunday with a possibility of snow again! Go figure! That's Colorado weather for you! But I'll take every bit of sunshine that comes our way! Enjoy you weekend everyone...

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plg said...

The weather sounds a little like Michigan - but we haven't had ANY spring like weather here in a long time. DH said just this morning, "I'm sick of winter" as another dumping of snow was descending upon us yet again.