Thursday, April 17, 2008

And the MRI results are...

Well I got a call on Tuesday from my doctor with the results of my MRI. I have a clean tear in the meniscus and it will not heal on its own. The best solution is surgery. I have done a bit of investigation and have confirmed that that is the answer. Thankfully it is not very invasive and the recovery is fairly quick.. healed in about 6 weeks! So I have made my "reservations" and get operated on at the end of the month! It was either that or wait until mid-June and miss my whole summer! This will be perfect - with any luck I won't miss anything, starting with our trip to Moab over Memorial Weekend and our first mountain climb scheduled for May 31st! I'll consider it therapy!!!

We had yet another snow storem this week! Thankfully once again I lucked out and worked from home on those days! How I have lucked out this year with easy commutes!! We got about 6 inches on the grass, and just wet on the pavement. By Thursday afternoon almost everything was gone and today, you'd never know it even snowed!! On Saturday it's suppose to be 78! Yahoo!!! Love Colorado weather!

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