Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cows and Knees?

OK, first the good stuff!! I'm working on another ATC swap that uses the $1 stamps from Michael's! I've had this COW stamp forever and have never really used it! This became the perfect project!! I just love how it all came together! The pattern paper is by Chatterbox and was perfect! I used raffia for the bow, some eyelets (not my favorite but looked good) and a prima flower! Just 10 more to finish and I'm done!!! I still have several weeks to go, so I'm ahead of the game (for once)!

Now for the reality stuff... my knee! On Monday I saw the doctor. He said the ACL was also damaged and asked if I wanted to repair that at the same time. Wow, what a decision to make immediately. Not only are there 2 different procedures, the ACL surgery is more invasive and recovery is much slower. Then to complicate matters more, I found out I needed a medical release from my cardiologist to go ahead with the surgery (scheduled for today)! I called that doctor and thankfully got an appointment for Tuesday. In the meantime, the doctor did one more test and we talked it over some more. The ACL may not be as bad as the MRI images show. The doctor has been authorized to look at it while he repairs my meniscus and if it is worse than thought, fix it. So, I got the clearance from the cardiologist yesterday and I'm set for surgery this afternoon. The scary part is I don't know when I go under if I'll have just the meniscus repaired or the ACL too. Will I have 6 weeks of recovery or 6 months? I know I don't want to go through this twice, so whatever the outcome, I'm expecting it to solve all my problems!! I have mountains to climb and hills to ski!!!

So as I head under the knife, please say a few prayers and well wishes for me!! I hope to be back online by the weekend!!!


toners said...

I have everything crossed for you! Hoping to get a positive email from Dan this evening :)

plg said...

Aw Sue - how dreadful!!! I know of a GREAT rehab program for ACL & miniscus recovery! Remember my son went through this last June! You should have gone to Indianapolis - 2 months recovery tops!!! Keep us posted & hope this goes well.