Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it Spring?

Well, not exactly, but if you were in Colorado this week you would have been very confused! We hit 68 on Thursday and about 60 today. That is unseasonably beautiful and we're not complaining! Of course, if you stick around her long enough, things are always bound to change! They're calling for snow-showers and snow this weekend - welcome back to winter!!!

Here's a card that Melanie and I made in honor of our Spring-like weather! Melanie did the coloring, choose the paper and I created the card! I think we work very well together! Meet "Bikini Sophie"! The paper is from an old Paper Slab I got at Michael's... those slabs never seem to disappear! Prima flowers and ribbon from M's!

We are headed up to ski tomorrow and Sunday! Have a great weekend!


Queen Kathleen said...

Oh. My. God. That is hilarious!! Thank you for keeping up with your blog, I love be able to see what you're up to!

Debbie said...

You two make a great team, before you knowing she'll be stamping too!

Queen Kathleen said...

Tag! I nominated you for something or another, go see my blog.

toners said...

Great job! This is perfect for that Spring-like weather we've been having! We were in the high 50s here the other day; the kids out on the playground were loving it!!