Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Relaxing Riley

I've been playing with my new Riley stamps this week and Melanie has fallen in love with coloring them for me! What a perfect combo we make!!! I just love Riley and made several different versions of cards with this image! I love them all!

Tomorrow is the hearing for the bus... I'm hoping to get some answers but I'm not going to hold my breath too long!!! I'm trying very hard just to be patient and I will get answers.


Queen Kathleen said...


Your moose are so cute! I might have salivated at the sight of the cupcake... Good luck on your basement, and I enjoyed reading about your name's history.

(And until I actually came out, I was going to be named Benjamin, haha.)


Patti said...

such cuteness!!

Debbie said...

If you had put a heart on it, it would have fit the February challenge! Cute card.

toners said...

This little guy is so sweet!

How did the meeting go?