Saturday, April 18, 2009

It just keeps coming down!

Here is a shot taken at 10 a.m. this morning! I'm reading that Castle Rock has gotten anywhere from 12-18 inches of snow so far - depending on where you measure! It's wet and heavy and appears to now be melting as soon as it falls. They say this will continue for most of the day... lovely! I'm glad we have no urgent plans for the day! Maybe just a snowshoe walk in the park later!!! (Debbie - no the ski resorts won't stay open any later. After tomorrow only 2 will remain open. They just don't have the staff or the people who want to ski! It's going to be 70 by Tuesday - would you go ski or golf???)


Anonymous said...

It's about time somewhere else besides Chicago gets all the crappy weather! BTW, it was sunny and 70 here yesterday; only slightly cooler today.

Enjoy the last of your snow, Boogs!

Benita said...

OMGosh! PLEASE keep it out that way! It was almost 80 degrees here in Michigan today :)