Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How do we relax??

The standing joke in our family is that we do NOT know how to relax! Take Labor Day Weekend. While most people slept in, laid around the house and didn't do much of anything, we were off doing our thing!! That thing... camping, horseback riding, swimming, 4-wheeling and hiking! From the moment we got to the campground, until the time we packed up and headed home, we were busy! OK, I must admit, I did sleep in until 8 one morning, but when it's cold outside, who wants to get out of the warm, cozy sleeping bag!! We cannot imagine laying around the house doing NOTHING! We'd be bored in 10 minutes!!

Camping outside of Buena Vista was awesome as usual! The campground was very quiet and had lots of privacy. It was located 1/2 way up Cottonwood pass, which crosses the Continental Divide! (You know where the water flows either East or West depending on which side of the divide you are on!)

On Saturday we took a ride up to the top of Cottonwood Pass and climbed up the peak there for a birds eye look from the summit! Awesome views of Taylor Reservoir (another one of my favorite camping areas)! From there we drove down to Taylor Park and then up to Tin Cup - a great little ghost town. Before we got there though, we stopped by a creek and had an awesome picnic lunch! From Tin Cup we choose Tin Cup Pass - a rough 13 mile 4-wheel drive trail. In our old Isuzu Rodeo it would have been a piece of cake - in our Ford Expedition, it's a bit more scary! We got hung up once or twice, but nothing the master driver couldn't maneuver over! Dan did an excellent job! We made it to the top - took a few quick pictures and headed back down the other side to St. Elmo! The kids liked looking at the old buildings and feeding the chipmunks in St. Elmo. We wrapped up the day with s'mores by the fire!On Sunday we went horseback riding by Mt. Princeton. It was a very nice 2 hour ride, even though it took a LONG time for them to get the horses saddled up! We did the ride last year, but at least they took us in a different direction this time! My horse, Jaz was very well behaved. Dan's on the other hand was pretty old - had an appropriate name "Drifter"! I think Mel liked her horse Doc. After the ride, we had a quick picnic at Chalk Lake and then went swimming at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. It is fun to walk in the creek, but sitting on their steaming hot toilets is only but an experience! Again, a good dinner and s’mores finished out the evening!

On Monday we cleaned up the camper and headed home… boo hoo! One last camping trip (in 2 weeks) before we’re done for the season. That is but one of the sad things about the mountains – you can camp in Fall, but with no reservations we just hate to take the chance.

Back to work yesterday and today… busy was good, but I have a headache now! I’m so looking forward to some cooler weather and even SKI SEASON!! SNIAGRAB this weekend for some new skis for Mel! (That’s BARGAINS for those of you who are not familiar!!)

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