Saturday, March 1, 2008

Enjoying (Pre) Spring Weather

Made this cute card for my dear friend Marlene, with the help of my other dear friend Toni! I saw this stamp that Toni had and knew it was a perfect fit for Marlene - the professional shopper!! When I was visiting with her in Chicago a few weeks ago, that is what we did - SHOP!! Toni did such a wonderful job coloring it! Unfortunately I had to tell Marlene the truth that I didn't do it myself!!! I know Marlene loved it (and so did I)!

Today is a quiet day in Castle Rock! It is beautiful out, so I think I'll go for a walk to enjoy the day! But for right now, I'm just being lazy - still in my PJ's! That is quite unusual for me! Dan is coming home from NM but won't get here until about 5:30 and then he's gone again to Chicago tomorrow at noon. I guess that means lots of guiltless scrapping time today for me!!

Enjoy Saturday - I know I will!

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toners said...

Great choice of pp to go with the image!!! I do love that stamp :)