Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fire Tower Hike

We started today with a nice hike up to the Devil's Head Fire Tower located just west of Castle Rock in the Rampart Range. We've done this hike a dozen or so times before, but it's always a great place to take new people (like our friend Melanie) and get a little bit of exercise in the nice crisp September air! This is the last manned fire tower in Colorado and from where they spotted the "infamous" Haymen fire back in 2002. It was the closest we've ever been to a fire (about 10 miles) and I tell you, the closest I ever want to be. As we looked to the south, Colorado Springs was in the clouds with Pikes Peak looming over it. The mountains to the northwest had a white layer called "snow" on it! The cold rain we endured all day yesterday apparently left snow up at that elevation! I'm not ready for that down here quite yet!!! It won't be long until the trees start turning and fall is officially here though!!
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

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Debbie said...

Such a beautiful photo. One time when we hiked in Colorado, we had to be evacuated off the mountain because a thunder storm came in. It was beautiful, then it was gray!