Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manly Cards

A few days ago I attempted to clean up my workspace in an effort to get inspired to create again. As I was putting away all the supplies from my London album, I ran across these sticker that I bought for that album, but never used. They gave me a great idea that could work well for "manly" cards. Well, away I went. By the time I finished tonight, I made a total of 10 cards for various occasions. I will most likely give some of the duplicates away to Cards for Hero's (now, Operation Write Home). Now that I'm done, I have a great big mess again to clean up! I wonder how much I can get put away this time before I wind up creating again??!!


Flatfish said...

Yes they are sure manly! Great job.


Debbie said...

Great job Sue, it is hard to come of with "Guy" cards. I especially like the tan one.