Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of Fall???

Well, on our last day of summer (yesterday), the foothills (where my good friend Toni lives) received their first snowstorm of the season!!! She said it was about a foot - yikes!!! And another round is headed here tomorrow! In fact, they say above 6000 feet (we live at 6300 feet) and in my county, we are expecting up to another foot! Oh, and of course - right at run hour tomorrow morning!!! Hurray! I'm looking for any excuse to work from home tomorrow!!! So in honor of our Fall Snowstorm, here is a winter card to get you all in the mood!

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Debbie said...

Fall? Here is the Bay Area we are having our typical September weatherr: cool in the morning and up to the 90s during the day. Nothing falling off the trees yet and no leaves turning colors :-(