Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yes, it's ROCKtober once again!!! Time for the Rockies to kick some bootie in Boston!! We're going to be perched in front of the TV, along with most of Denver tonight rooting for our underdogs!! It's an exciting time here in the mile high city!!

My little pea-brain has been working overtime on the latest challenge for the Survivor group - mosaic elements. I think it's found an idea, let's just hope it works on paper as well as in my head! And with any luck, I can bring it with me to Toni's on Saturday!

Lunch break is over, back to work!!

(PS - if they win the World Series, my blog will turn PURPLE!!!)



toners said...

Good luck tonight!! I hope you get the chance to turn your blog purple :) Now get busy with that mosaic page!! LOL!

Patti G said...

Red Sox - 13

Rockies - 1

I wondered why it was so quiet in Colorado last night???


toners said...

Hey! You've been tagged! Come and copy the questions from my blog :)