Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going Purple!!

So the Rockies didn't win, but in honor of all their accomplishments this year, I'm going Purple in November anyway!!! (It doesn't hurt that I love purple!!)

Once again, we have a cold Halloween! We can never catch a break! At least the snow is suppose to stay up at higher elevations, so we may get a decent amount of trick or treaters! I hope so, we have tons of candy and my hips sure don't need it! Melanie didn't want to go out this year, so she is the "official" door opener! Dan got a last minute call to Tucson for the night, so he won't be around either. Boo Hoo! It's a good night for pizza and a movie!! Well, maybe not with all the doorbell ringing!! Lights out??!!

I decided to work on scrapbooking some old pictures this week! I picked Melanie learning how to ride a bike at age 5! (2001)! It brings back a lot of memories of my little pumpkin! She was so mad that day, but once she got it - look out! Her and her little Aeriel bike were on a roll! I'll try and post the final LO tonight when it is completed. Still trying to come up with the right title and embellishments! I have several more sets of pictures from that year that I'd like to complete so that I can "retire" that book!


GSFan said...

my fav color too! looks good. Debbie

toners said...

The purple looks great! Have fun tonight - whatever you end up having for dinner! And good luck scrapping :)