Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Walkabout...

I'm a lucky transit commuter these days since Dan took a job up in Lakewood. Most of the time I take the bus to and from work - or should I say several buses. Let's see... I start with the big BLUE bus (otherwise known as Dan's Expedition), then the FREX (Front Range Express) and then Denver's RTD. It takes only 50 minutes to go about 23 miles!! Sometimes when I'm feeling really ambitious, I either walk the last leg of the trip to the office (about 1.75 miles) or the last leg of the trip home (about 2.5 miles).

Today I got ambitious!! Instead of waiting for the big BLUE bus, I decided I was going to walk home. Instead of the normal route home along the main road into the sub-division, I decided I was going to cut through this big field and find a new way home - you know venture on my own WALKABOUT! I left the main road behind and started down this dirt road. It quickly got quiet and I could hear the birds and the bugs in the thistle along the road! Oh, how peaceful! There was an old house I had never seen before. How exciting! Because of the hills, I couldn't tell how far I was from the road I needed to be on or exactly where I was going to come out. I ventured through the thicket to the top of the hill to get my bearings only to find - the railroad tracks!! Of course they were behind a barbed wire fence - drats! How was I going to get across. I had to get across if I wanted to get home. I decided to continue down the road because, well I knew there had to be a way across at some point! And sure enough, there was. When I got across I could see the high school - if I can find a clear path towards that, I was home free! Before I knew it - there was this beautiful blacktop road - geez when did they build that? I followed that right into the parking lot of the HS! Ah, that was the road that leads to nowhere!! Well someday, it's suppose to go across the tracks and creek and out to the highway - someday! Anyway, I was back in civilization! Yeah I guess!

I find it so wonderful to still have these open fields with some adventure so close to home! I sure hope they do not build on every square inch of land here. If they do, where will I do my walkabout in the future?

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toners said...

Great entry! And how lucky to have found the special route you did :)