Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Celebrating Christmas!

On Sunday afternoon, Toni and her family (Iain, Nattie and Jaime) came down for a nice visit for the holidays. We had such a wonderful time together! The kids really had fun opening up all the gifts that were laying around - but I think Jaime had the most fun with the wrapping (bows)!! Melanie got some great scrapbooking supplies, including stamps, inks and a punch. There was also a gift card to M's. If there was other things, I'll never know since she's hiding it from me! Dan got a wonderful gift card to REI! I'm sure it will go towards something for skiing! I got the best gifts of all though! Let's see - first off the Journaling Jar! (See Toni's Blog for Monday!) That will last me all year (if not much, much longer)! What a cleaver idea! I can't wait to get started! Then there was my own journaling book - can't wait to record my first verses! Then an acrylic 8x8 book - something I've been wanting to try! And lastly a gift card to Archiver's! Gee Toni - when do you want to go shopping??!! We were spoiled ROTTEN! We are happy to hear that they enjoyed our gifts as well! We are just happy that we met such nice people!
I have been trying to finish up the Arrow Book (This Way... To Adventure) for my dear friend Moira! I'm hoping it's done for Christmas! It should be. Unfortunately I'm so exhausted when I finish working every night, that I don't spend much time on it. I have just 2 sets of pictures left - so that should go quickly! That will be the last gift I will be able to get done. I have to just cut my list down and do what I can! I just got the December CJ and there is still my challenge with the other group to finish up this month!

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plg said...

How fun! Have a happy, happy Christmas and the best New Year ever! See you in June!!! Oh, & maybe save the acrylic book til then, maybe someone will be teaching a class on it?????