Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tne best way to exercise...

is swishing down the slopes! We had a great day at Breckenridge today! They had fresh powder this morning and I got a great workout on one of my favorite runs there - Volunteer! It was a wee-bit cold, but we survived! We even met up with a few of Dan's co-workers after lunch and got a few runs with them! That was fun too! Always great to ski with others! They go up often as well, so it seems we will be hooking up with them often! After we finished, we went and had dinner with them. They are very nice folks and we all enjoyed their company!
These are the LO's that I completed for Nancy's Inspiration I Spy book. I choose my favorite color and my favorite subject matters - the great outdoors and my little girl! I ended up using glitter AGAIN and still have it all over my room. I'm retiring the glitter until after the holidays!
Off to make some more x-mas tags with my scraps! It's a no-brainer after a hard work out!


toners said...

Sue, this is beautiful! Great combo :) Looks like I'll have to get my thinking cap on for this CJ!

Debbie said...

Fun layouts, I like the colors you used.

plg said...

I miss skiing. We used to go all the time. In fact, I coordinate the ski club at school here and get a free family season pass every year.
BUT - my knees won't take it anymore & now w/ my foot issue that won't work either.
Enjoy it! Think of my on the slopes!