Saturday, December 1, 2007

Time to relax...

Yes, that is what I need right now!! It was one hectic week that I had. This is our busy time of year at work, time when everyone is re-enrolling in benefits with their company. Well as a Benefits Manager, that is my job to get everyone enrolled. And with my company acting as the "employer" for almost 100 other companies (about 700 employees), the job does not come easy. And when rates come late, our system is difficult to configure and people are hard to track down, that job isn't fun either. I pulled a few 12 hour days this week and it's just the beginning! It will be like this for at least the next 3 weeks! And then as the holidays wind down, it will very slowly get better! Time for a career change that gives me time to enjoy my holidays!! (Yeah, sure I say that ever year!) OK enough whining!

Here is a card I made with the scraps from my B&W challenge! I do like how it turned out! I'm trying to come up with a few more to use up all the extra little pieces of paper I got this card design off of 2peas but do not remember who I scrap lifted it from. The next challenge that I'm faced with is a 2 page recap of my year in review. That should be fun... I've got about 5-6 pictures already in mind, just need to upload and send them to the printers tonight! And one last big push will be to finish a present for my friend Moira... sorry no more details than that. Never know when she is looking!!!

I attempted to go Christmas shopping today... boy do I hate the mall. Walked all over, and left empty handed. The crowds were insane! I managed to pick up a few things at Target, but I have a long way to go on this huge list of people. It seems to get harder and harder every year. Is that because we accumulate more and more stuff?! Maybe some Christmas music and a big tumbler of "liquid" apple pie will help my mood tonight!

Off skiing tomorrow... fresh snow up there should be AWESOME!!!

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toners said...

GORGEOUS card! I can relate about the mall - I can't stand it there at this time of year! Blech!

I hope you 3 had fun today!