Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Positive Attitude!

I am trying my best to keep a very positive attitude right now! And I suppose for the most part is is working, but I am exhausted! See, work is just really stressful and busy right now. I've been putting in long hours for the past few weeks and it's going to stay this way until the holidays. I usually wear that stress on my sleeve and everyone just knows to "stay away" from me! But this year, I'm trying to keep a smiling face and work it out in a different way. No one wants to be around an unhappy person, especially at the holidays! So now that I've got it off my sleeve...

I am thrilled to see that Debbie has now joined the blog world! Gives me yet another person's blog to check out and see what is happening in her life! I really like all the new ladies I've met this past year in my CJ groups! I sure hope that I can make the trip to CA in summer to meet some of them!

Our trip plans to London are semi-stalled right now. I do have a travel agent researching it all for me! Her initial quote, with a few days in Edinburgh was a bit too much (ha, that's putting it mlidly), so we're looking at alternatives... such as going a week earlier so we aren't there over Easter or even waiting until the fall. I'm sure hoping that she has better results. Or I just need to get back to doing it myself. Not sure why this trip is so hard for me to plan?

I still have TONS of Xmas shopping left to do... not sure when or how I will finish it but I'm sure it will happen! Maybe I just need to buckle down and Internet shop QUICKLY!!!

Have a good evening!


plg said...

Oooo, that reminds me to jump over to my blog & add Debbie's!!! I totally forgot. Thanks for the reminder!
Hope you can continue to make it through the "season" at work with a positive attitude! I'm pullin for ya!

toners said...

Hang in there! We're all here for you! ((((hugs))))