Friday, December 7, 2007


I didn't even realize that my "Thanksgiving Hangman" link changed to "Christmas Hangman"! Wonder how long ago that happened? Shows you how out of it I truly am!

Glad this week is finally over! It was a tough one! at work No need to complain on my blog, just happy it's over! A new one will soon be upon us and hopefully this one will be forgotten!

It's snowing like crazy in the mountains and to celebrate, we're going skiing tomorrow! Yippee! Hope we can get up there! With fresh powder you never know how the drive it going to be up Interstate 70 - could be great and then could be a parking lot with idiots who don't know how to drive! We're aiming for Vail, but it requires 2 mountain passes to go over and an extra 30-45 minutes of drive time, so we'll see if we make it there! If so, they're taking me to the back bowls of Blue Sky Basin! Shall be fun (and really, really cold!) I'm not sure pictures will be anything but white, but we'll take the camera along and see!

Happy weekend everyone!

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toners said...

I am relieved for you that your week is was a bad one! At least the weather karma is good for you - still snowing up here and has been all day! :) Have fun tomorrow! ((hugs))