Saturday, January 26, 2008

Absolutely Glorious!

That is what I have to say about this weekend!

We got up (very) early on Saturday and beat all the traffic getting to Vail just as the lifts opened under bright blue sky's for the day! Yeah - yippee!!! Our friends were way, way behind us, so we took off and skied towards Blue Sky Basin! (They never did make it, turning off at Keystone at 11 a.m.!!! When will they learn?!)

On our way to Blue Sky Basin we had to ski down the front mountain in China Bowl! It is a huge open area with lots of snow, few trees and tons of room to carve! It is probably one of my favorite spots at Vail! We jumped into a double-BLACK diamond (hardest) in about 6-8 inches of powder! This picture was taken towards the top of the bowl! Now Dan always says if you're not falling, your not trying your hardest!! Let me tell you, I fell 3 times in this bowl on 2 different runs! The first one was the best! I must have slid 50 feet on my stomach, feet behind in the air! I didn't lose a thing but my helmet and goggles were on my forehead! I pulled something in my shoulder, but it didn't stop me from completing the day! We skied hard and I was very happy at the end of the day!

We got to sleep a WHOLE extra 30 minutes on Sunday before we took off for a wonderful day of snowshoeing at Rocky Mountain National Park! We went up with our friends Luis and Mariel! Again we had a very beautiful day with very moderate temperatures for Colorado! (It was in the 60's at home!) Since they had never been snowshoeing before, we took them up to Nymph, Dream and Emerald Lakes! It is a great hike with lots of payoffs along the way. It is always fun to walk across the frozen lakes but this time they were covered in snow! We had never seen them like that before! Despite my aches and pains I really had a lot of fun! Hopefully we will get back there one more time to snowshoe this season!

Hope everyone else had as fun of a weekend as I did!


Debbie said...

wowza! What great pictures. I love the one of all the snow.

plg said...

What a great weekend!!! I'm so jealous! Someday I'll make it to Colorado to experience "all of it" - whether it be winter or summer, it's on my "bucket list" :) LOL

toners said...

Awesome photos! Glad you all had fun this weekend :)